how to wash the fabric face masks

Since people now very concerned about their health, face mask becomes popular to use. Indeed, it is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a protection for yourself and others. You probably see the face mask in various colors, designs, and models. Whatever you choose, you should know how to wash the fabric face mask. Because you can’t use it directly after purchase, moreover, when it is used from the outside.

Maybe you are wondering how often you should wash the mask. Actually, every time you get it from outside, you have to put it into the sink or washing machine right away. Or, if you want to change and need to keep for a while, then you should bring a plastic. Put it inside and don’t let it sticks to another stuff. It is to keep your things safe from contamination. Once you get home, follow these steps below about how to wash the fabric face mask:

1. Use Hot Water

You should use hot water when washing the face mask. It is to kill the bacteria or germs because they can’t live in a temperature of 60 up to 70 degrees Celsius. Some people boil their mask, but, actually, it is not really good choice. Because this way can damage the mask and probably the germs will stay inside the pot. Flush the mask so the water will flow.

2. Use Detergent or Bleach

Detergent or bleach is the second key to sanitize your face mask. No matter which one you use, the soap will kill the germs. But, remember, if you use the bleach, pay attention to its concentration. The higher one could damage your mask. Also, since you put the mask directly to the nose, you must ensure do rinsing very well. Inhaling the residual fumes might bother your respiration.

3. Clean Your Hands and Sink

When you wash the face mask in the sink, you should sanitize the sink too. Rinse the sink using soap and clean with the water flow. It is okay not to use hot water to wash the sink. But it is important to keep hygiene the place whenever you soaked the mask in.

4. Dry with the Highest Heat

After the soap and its suds are completely clean, it is time to dry the mask. You can use the automatic dryer, or if you don’t have it, just place the mask in direct sunlight. Hung it and you can also use a hairdryer for some extra. If you feel it is already dried, iron the mask to kill any remaining germs. But this is allowed only for the cotton or linen mask.

5. Separate from Clothes or Cover with Bag

Another important thing to remember is you should separate the face mask from the clothes. It is to avoid the spread of virus possibility. But we have an option for you to use a special bag. There are people who use mesh laundry bags while washing with the other clothes.

Actually, besides you know how to wash the fabric face mask, you also need to understand how to store the face mask properly. Because the storage is everything for its cleanliness too. Put the clean mask inside the closed plastic or zip bag. Don’t open it until you want to use it to go outside again.

pallet ideas for outdoor seating

Are you the fans of nature? If it’s yes then you’ll feel so excited with these pallets ideas. As we know, sitting in the backyard with wooden seating makes us feel close to nature. These unique pallet ideas for outdoor seating will help you to decide on more stylish seating.

1. Cushion Tree Swing

If you like to be one with nature and swing following the wind, then this must be for you. This cushion tree swing is something that will make you feel relax. Plus, you can enjoy the sunlight under the tree and swing.

You can put some pillows to accompany you while reading your favorite books. The planter will make you chill. Moreover, you might forget your problems for a while and just enjoy nature. Swinging on your cushion under the tree and take a deep breath is one way you can do.

2. L-Shaped Bench

Gathering with family or friends is sometimes something that we really need. In this L-shaped bench, you can talk and chill out with your friends and family. Additionally, you have to be ready to prepare some snacks and drinks.

Enjoying the planter and do some outdoor activities together is somewhat to make you interact with others. If you need some time alone, you can just lay down on this bench and enjoy the view. This bench will be so useful once you put it in the backyard.

3. Outdoor Pallets Seating With Wheel Moving

Kids love something that can move. The pallet ideas for outdoor seating with wheel moving makes your kids enjoy staying outside. This wheel moving idea is one way to make you chill while seating.

The idea of seating with wheel moving is pretty unique. Once you’re bored with the same view, you can just move your seat. Plus, this seat will be your kids’ favorite place because it can move and they love something moving.

4. A Rustic Style Bench

A rustic style bench is a comfortable piece to decorate your patio or porch. You can create it with pallets. All that you need for this outdoor couch is a large plush cushioned seat. Moreover, you also need some beautiful pillows to design a cozy feel atmosphere.

This striking look in your own backyard will make you chill out. Furthermore, you won’t feel like you are in your backyard anymore. The cozy bench you make with the rustic style will make you spend much more time in the backyard.

5. Mahogany Chairs

The adorable mahogany chairs are perfect for your outdoor table set. The dark finish gives these chairs a sturdy wooden appearance. This makes it much more elegant till no one not able to know the cost needed. Gathering with your family or friends around the right table is what you need.

These Mahogany chairs will complement your patio, especially with a woodsy and rustic appeal. The craftsmanship of these chairs makes it be a nice feature for gatherings. Many people will amaze by the uniqueness and stylish Mahogany chairs.

Those five pallet ideas for outdoor seating area can be your references to make your backyard more useful. Moreover, outdoor seating has a lot of usages especially for you liking the planter view or outdoor atmosphere.

creative memories scrapbook ideas

Everyone may want to memorize any kind of moment in our life. There are no bad memories as long as we spend it with our beloved people around us. Therefore, every single memory is important to remember. Hence, we usually make something to save memory like a scrapbook. The scrapbook usually contains our unforgettable experience and memory with beloved friends, family, and couples. Moreover, a scrapbook is not too difficult to make. We can make our creative memories scrapbook ideas like the example below.

1. Green Border Marker Scrapbook Ideas

There are many kinds of scrapbook ideas including the green border marker scrapbook. This design is suitable for a happy memory with the family. We can put the photos in the center of the paper. Then, add some green border markers around the page. You might make a rectangle, square, or round border marker in your scrapbook as creative as you can. however, whatever the shape, the green color can give a nice accent to your scrapbook.

2. Newspaper Background of Scrapbook Ideas

In the scrapbook, we usually put a background under the photos. Hence, the design of the background is also important to add a beautiful accent to your scrapbook. You might use the newspaper as the background of your scrapbook. The newspaper background will make your scrapbook look like a real newspaper with your photo as the main news. It will be interesting.

3. Pink Love Scrapbook Ideas

This design is special for someone who loves pink color. they also can create their scrapbook by using their favorite color like pink. Moreover, you can add some love symbols to make your scrapbook more beautiful instead of plain pink. You might also put your couple photos and add many love symbol inside. It will look romantic and a nice scrapbook.

4. Unique Fonts Scrapbook Ideas

Except for giving the background, give some words in your scrapbook is not bad. You might mark the photos by some words beside or under the photos. However, you might combine the word and make it as creative as you can. You might use a strange font or unique font to make it more life. On the other hand, you may also write it y yourself using your handwriting. Your handwriting will make your scrapbook look original and sincere. It means that you really love that moment and you want to remember that for the rest of your life.

5. Colorful Scrapbook Design

Except for giving a kind of color, we also can put many colors to make it colorful. The colorful scrapbook will give happiness accent. You might also put the photo which contains happy moments with friends, family, and also a couple. It will be nice and creative memories scrapbook ideas. However, you can decide the color as creative as you can. on the other hand, a handmade scrapbook is more memorable instead of a common scrapbook. Moreover, you can make it in line with your style and you want.

The five creative memories scrapbook ideas can be followed easily at home. You can make a beautiful scrapbook with any material in your house. Make your own scrapbook and save your memory more.

small home office ideas on a budget

A private office in our home sounds interesting and great. Moreover, if you are a worker who needs a private room for working. Besides, having an office in our home can help us as a worker to work better and give more spirit. We can build an office in our home in whatever the style of the home. Then, how about the cost? We don’t need to think a lot about the cost. The following paragraph explains the small home office ideas on a budget.

1. Pick A Space From A Room

The first small home office ideas on a budget are by picking a space of a room. Actually, we can make our own office even in a small house as long as we have a strong desire. By the desire, we can find a way to create everything we want, including the office. You may pick some space at the corner of a room such as a living room or kitchen. Then, functioned your furniture such as cupboard as the restriction. You don’t need to buy some cute equipment for your office. Just put a table and a chair with some pencils and pens.

2. Create Your Own Design of Wall Decoration

Instead of having an expensive wall decoration, we can also make the wall decoration by our self. We can use the things which are available in our home without buying. The things may be frame, drawing equipment and paper, wall sticker decoration, and many others. If you haven’t got any idea about creating the wall decoration, you can use the instant wall decoration such as wall sticker decoration which is cheap and easy to apply.

3. Reuse Things As Furniture Equipment For Your Office

In your home, you will find some things that are useless. From those things, you might try to reuse them as your office furniture. However, don’t just use old furniture without giving a touch. You need to repair and repaint the furniture until it looks new. Besides, you can also use another sense thing as the furniture such a yoga ball as a chair. Except for using the yoga ball as a chair, you can also relax by Yoga,

4. Organize The Tools and Clean It Regularly

Even your office room is not as big as others you are still able to make it good looking by organizing and clean it regularly. You may not let your office dirty in whatever the condition. The dirty room will disturb your focus on working and decrease your performance in working. Therefore, you need to protect your office by organizing and clean.

5. Organize the Files and Photos

Except for organizing the furniture, you will also organize your files and photos. If you have some files in your office, you must keep them organize to make your office having a good look. Don’t let yourself put the files randomly. Except for dirty, if you put files randomly, they might lose unconsciously.

To sum up, whatever the places we can build our own office our home. There are many small home office ideas on a budget instead of the expensive one. Therefore, don’t let the room disturb your work and keep growing better.

how to create a playroom for toddlers

Creating a playroom for their child is almost every parent’s dream. With a playroom, kids could play freely there whether with parents or alone. To create a playroom, parents would not need a professional’s hand to build it. Instead, parents could create it by themselves using the tools at home. By following the tips on how to create a playroom for toddlers, parents could create the playing room.

Moreover, the playroom does not have to be a room that is full of toys like at the playground. Parents could create the playroom with their version and budget. As long as children could play with pleasure, fun, and safe, then the place could be called a playroom. Here are some tips on how to create a playroom for toddlers.

1. Place a Safety and Comfortable Playmat

The first thing when making a playroom is to place safety and comfortable playmat in the room. The playmat’s function is not only to comfort the kid but also to protect the toddler. Incase they fell or hit themselves, the kid would not hit the wall or floor directly. Instead, they would hit the playmat. Using a playmat would also create a fun nuance. Playmates are usually formed in colorful colors or acute graphics for kids. Moreover, it is also easy for parents to clean.

2. Provide Toys and Its Organized Place

The next tips on how to create a playroom for toddlers are to provide toys and it organizing in containers or boxes. It is important not only to keep the toys in a neat place so that it does not danger the kids. It would also keep the playroom clean and neat. However, besides that, it could also teach toddlers to clean up and turning back the toys where they belong.

3. Hang Some Painting Areas

Physical activities are important for kids, especially in the toddler ages. To support the activities, parents should also provide an area for the kids to do physical activities. Besides that, kids would also be able to explore their creativity and emotions. Remember also to provide safety painting equipment for the kids.

4. Provide a Cuddling Place

The other tips on how to create a playroom for toddlers are to provide pillows and dolls. It is because a toddler loves cuddling in a soft and squishy place. The simple thing that they could cuddle in is in pillows and dolls. Besides cuddling, they could also take rest there or drink their milk as well.

5. Use Colorful Items

Another tip when creating a playroom space is to use colorful colors. Whether on the painting of walls, doors, and even the toys. Not only it suites well for the children but also to attract attention for the kids. Parents could also hang on some colorful pictures on the wall and place them in some colorful items too.

The tips on how to create a playroom for toddlers are not difficult at all. Moreover, it is easy and cheap enough to do. Also, invite the kid to join in preparing the playroom which also excites and teaches them.

Craft room organization ideas

Every people in this world should be at least thinking about having a beautiful room. It will feel nice when you going back to your home after a crowded day outside there. However, we usually think that it needs a lot of money when we want to make our room neater. But in reality, you can make it from the unused item and then craft it. We can found many craft room organization ideas on the internet easily.

Craft room organization ideas

Having a mess room should be everyone’s problem especially when you had a lot of stuff. Sometime you will get confused on how to organize all of them and make it as a room decoration. Besides, you can also have no idea what to do about all of this stuff. That’s why we here. We will give you some of the best craft room organization ideas you can easily make. But the first thing you should do is throw away some unused stuff. Here we go further!

1. Craft Room for Based on the Color

When you want to make a craft room organizer, you will have a lot of things that make your room messy. You can use some iron baskets and then compare them all together on one wooden board. After that, hang it up on the wall to save all of your stuff based on its colors. You don’t need to put it with the same one, just put some color that will be matched. Now your craft room organization has two functions as decoration and storage.

2. Label Wicker Baskets

Did you have a lot of little stuff in your room? If it is yes, then you will need some baskets to organize them all. All those little stuff can make your room look messier, that’s why you will need a basket to put it all. Try to find one storage cabinets and then fill the blank space using wicker baskets. Add labels in each basket so you can group all of your stuff based on your needs.

3. Use a Pegboard for Vertical Storage

When you want to make craft room organization ideas, this is the perfect design for you. You can make one pegboard by yourself using old boards and then recolor it again. After that, divide it into some parts and then add hooks in each part. Add hooks as much as you want but still take a look for the stuff you want to put in. Last, you can add unused cups on the bottom of the pegboard to put all of your stationery.

4.  Made Wood Craft Organizer

When you did not want to put a big thing on your wall, you can make a small craft organizer. Just create it from the old wood and then divide it into some parts. After that, if you want, you can recolor it or just add some ornaments like shirt buttons on the front. Now, you have some space to put all of your craft things.

These are the best and easiest craft room organization ideas you can make in your room. You can easily make all of these things as long as you want to spend your time. Don’t worry about the price because you can reuse the old materials. Now, say goodbye to a messy room and welcome an adorable craft room.

Best backyard landscape ideas

A Plastic bottle often regards as something useless or even trash. However, it actually has some functions that you may don’t know yet. One of them reuses the plastics bottles as something else. If you have a garden then that’s a place where the plastics bottles shine brightly. Through gardening hacks with plastic bottles, you can fully enjoy your hobby. Furthermore they also very low cost yet very useful. Let’s see what’s the plastics bottles can do for your garden.

Best backyard landscape ideas

1. Guardian of Seedling

One of the gardening hacks with plastic bottles is to make a guarding seedling. It’s really useful when you start growing the seeds. To make the seedling guard you have to cut the bottles in half. Then with the half-cut bottles, make a ring out of it. Place your ring bottle around a seedling. With the guard of the ring bottle, the slugs or other bugs can’t go near it.

2. Seed Storage

Want to store the seeds but don’t have a place? Don’t worry about it. Look around your house to find unused plastic bottles. After you get it, clean the bottle so it will not leave the water that can moisture it. And then store the seeds you have in it. Now, you won’t have to worry anymore about your seed storage. This seed storage from a plastic bottle works better with peas and beans.

3. Watering Can

Watering a seedling can be a little risky. That’s because big spouts of water can harm it. So, you must be careful when watering it. That’s when a plastic bottle comes as a savior. You can use it to watering your seedling. Moreover, it’s very easy as you just need to make a hole on the top of the bottle. Then film it with the water. Now, you can be watering the seedling just by squeeze it.

4. Greenhouse in a Mini Size

Having a greenhouse will cost a lot of money. But it will cost nothing if you make a smaller version with a plastic bottle. You just need to cut the bottle with the cap on it. After that, put it around the seedling. Now, the plastic bottle will cover the seedling. And just like a greenhouse, the plastic will trap moisture so it will not leak out. Not only that, but this mini greenhouse also protect the seedling from the cold temperature and the frost.

5. Water Reservoir

Another gardening hacks with plastic bottles you can apply is the water reservoir. When you want to go out but worry about your plants this water reservoir will definitely help you. Besides, it’s very easy to make it. What you need is just a half of the bottle with the cap on it. Fasten the cap and make a hole in it.

Then insert the bottle with the cap into the ground near the base of the plant while the other part is above the ground. Pour the water on the bottle and it will slowly drip out from the water. With this even if you go out for several days, your plants will still be watered.

Gardening hacks with plastic bottles truly make your hobby easier. In addition to easily acquired materials, maintaining is not really difficult. Now, even a plastic bottle can be useful in the right hands.

Before you can comprehend the chances in Baccarat you should become familiar with the various guidelines for the game. Baccarat is an exceptionally exacting game with little intricacy. There are decisions in which you can attract a third card this two-card game. There are additionally just three, conceivably four wagers that you can bet. In many gambling clubs you have the financier, player, and tie wager. On certain tables you will even locate a fourth wager on sets. Normally this is a side wagered to make while you make one of the other three wagers.

In Baccarat when you look to how you should wager you have to take a gander at the chances just as the house edge. The house edge is as per the following:

Banker: 1.04 percent

Player: 1.24 percent

Tie: 14.36 percent

These qualities may change contingent upon the gambling club, as some offer a higher house edge for each of the three hands. So how about we take a gander at the chances of winning relying upon the wager you place.

For the investor hand you have a 50.68 percent possibility of winning the wager. This implies you will side on the broker that their hand will have the higher a few card absolute garnish at 9. The broker is going to charge a commission or assessment of five percent to the victor, yet there again you have a higher possibility of winning when you wager on the financier hand.

For the player there is a 49.32 percent possibility of winning. While you can see this is definitely not a tremendous contrast in chances by taking a gander at the rate, you should take note of that the financier wins three to multiple times more by and large than any player.

The gambling club realizes that the player has even more an opportunity to win when they wager on the broker. That is the reason they offer that commission to reset the chances for you wagering on the player. The truth of the matter is despite everything you have over each of the a misfortune normal of 49.32 percent.

The tie wager is somewhat unique. It will be very high chances against you as the player. It likewise pays out 8 to 1. You have in the event that you put down this wager an opportunity of losing at 84 percent around. So during a technique session you may conclude that you wager on a tie once out of each hundred games. The fact of the matter is there are no examples to the game play, and wagering on the tie is a high hazard wherein you will likely never observe the payout.

For Baccarat chances you are in an ideal situation remaining with the investor wager. You have all the more an opportunity to win slot online , and despite the fact that you should pay a commission on the rewards that is little contrasted with the misfortunes you could have wagering somewhere else.

The pair wager is surprisingly more dreadful on chances than the tie and ought not be gone into softly, even with a payout of 11 to 1.

how to make a home out of trailer

Every house should have a strong foundation. It keeps the structure and the walls too. Also, you can build any size and design on it. But, recently, people love to live mobile. They prefer to travel around the world than staying in one place. Thus, a trailer or home on the wheel becomes a trend. While you are planning to have this home, you have to live in minimalism. Because it keeps you are mobile safely without many kinds of stuff. Then, read this whole article to know how to make a home out of trailer.

how to make a home out of trailer

Actually, there are lots of advantages while you are having a trailer home. Besides, it is mobile, you don’t have to arrange the permit. Because in some places, it is not considered a building. The home trailer is very tiny and can be separated from the main car. But the other regions require you a special permit for it. See what should you know about how to make a home out of trailer below, so you can build a proper one.

1. Decide the Size

There is no restriction size and design for the home. You just have to adjust to the trailer size. There is no trailer which able to exceed than 53’ unless you already held a special permit. So, the majority of people make a tiny house in 13’6 until 14’ inches off the ground. Remember, when you are planning the length, you need to concern about the hitch too.

2. Choose the Right Hitch

There are various of trailer hitches out there. But only the right hitch which can carry your home. Each hitch has its own capacity for weight. It shows how much weight the hitch can handle, so be sure for the calculation of this. That is why as your first step, you need to decide the size of your home. Then, by analyzing the total weight, you can choose the hitch. You might ask the professional for the absolute result.

3. Choose the Equal Vehicle

Just like choosing the hitch, deciding the vehicle also needs a calculation. It is not only the weight of the trailer, but you have to combine the house weight and total belongings inside. There is no one car recommendation because it has to be fit with the trailer. Fortunately, today many manufacturers produce various vehicles. It will ease you very much.

4. Budgeting

Even you build a tiny house, budgeting still matters. If you want to know the number, spending around $3,000 is what people experience. But you can save more by using the second-hand trailer. You can modify it because it would be cheaper than making a new one. Also, don’t forget to concern to the materials to use.

5. Start the Construction

Once your planning is wrapped and the list above is completed, now you can start the construction. To make everything is on a plan, you can create a schedule first. It could be your target, so the building process is always under control. You should start by setting the trailer as the foundation until installing some features inside at the end.

How to make a home out of trailer above is a grand plan to do. You need to explore more in detail because making a checklist is necessary. Don’t forget to celebrate once it is ready for your trip.

best concept for living room

A living room is where you can gather with the whole family members or friends. For several people, it is set to be a relaxing place. Thus, a living room should represent the homeowner’s taste and personalization. But, sometimes people are confused to decide the theme too. If you are one of these people, then see what we will suggest to you from the best concept for living room have listed.

best concept for living room

Before you transform the room, at least you should understand the basics of the room concept. There are five things that have to be combined in a right way. They are color, line (positioning of the objects), form (shape of the objects), mass (where the object bulk placed), and texture (the ambiance or feeling). Once you mix them all proportionally, then your living room will be the best spot ever. Here are the samples of the best concept for living room:

1. Stylish Bookshelf

For every book lovers, buying a book is a beautiful impulsive. That is why the room in the house is never enough. Show your interest to anyone who comes to your home. Putting a bookshelf is a good option for decoration. Choose the overlooked one if you want to make it looks stand-out. But the simple one fits for the minimalist concept.

2. A Focal Point

It is not a must, but all interior designers recommend that every living room should have a focal point. It is something that center of attention and really describes yourself. You can create a focal point from anything, such as a huge open window, a unique artistic hanging lamp, a fireplace, or anything.

3. Touch of Arts

Some people make their living room like a showroom. They show all the collections they love. If you like art, you can hang some paintings or place a wooden statue. Choose a stunning thing or something that really shows inside yourself. Because it brings your personality out indirectly. Remember about the basics of mass which you place something in bulk. Decide the number of art pieces proportionally, so people can enjoy seeing.

4. Green Spot

Do you want something different? Why don’t you put a plant inside? Or, making a green spot is also a great idea. For those who desire a fresh look, natural ambiance, and low-budget of course, green spot usually created in the living room. Moreover, this design becomes popular even for the house in the city.

5. Comfortable Seating

The living room is about gathering and sitting. So, there is no excuse for not providing a comfortable seat there. The comfortable seat has many purposes, for example, lying on a rainy day with a book on hand, spotting conversation, and many more. Don’t forget to add some pillows to make everything looks more perfect.

If you understand more about the use of the living room, actually, it means a lot for the homeowner. Even though it is not a main part of the house, having a living room is like serving a special thing to someone. Thus, we are happy here finally sharing the best concept for living room with you.