1949 exorcism diary

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Doe suspected there may have been some connection between her death and the seemingly strange events that continued to take place. The diary indicates that at this point only Mrs. Albert Hughes of St. At one point during the manifestations Mrs. The Evening Star Washington, D.

1949 exorcism diary

Louis University Department of Education. The following information is paraphrased from these sources. Bantam Books, and filled in the gaps on how he devised this literary project. The exorcism, which according to Brinkley was conducted by a St. The Exorcist is truly a modern-day cultural phenomenon. According to the minister the family had experienced many strange events in their suburban Maryland home beginning January 18th: The real significance of this article lies in the quotes attributed to Father Frank Bober. The exorcism ritual was completed only after the boy had been taken into the Catholic church. He also tells that during the rite the youngster would break into violent tantrums of screaming, cursing, and voicing of Latin phrases. I always felt the real story could only come from them. Darnell, president of the Society, as saying that Dr. Fort Center Books, It was this article that inspired thenyear-old Georgetown English major William Peter Blatty to later write his novel of demonic possession. The article quoted Richard C. Bowdern kept reciting until So much has been embellished and fabricated that it has become nearly impossible to differentiate fact and fiction. Later accounts declared his home address to have been Bunker Hill Road. The diary is quoted as saying that at one point Mrs. What makes the work intriguing, however, is that one unusual piece of information surfaces while Dobson is discussing aspects of the actual rite of exorcism that was performed on the boy. Locating that house and determining the name of the family that once lived there would be my next investigative objective. Inquiring Minds Want to Know In setting my investigative goals it was understood that proving whether or not the boy in this case was actually possessed was not on the agenda. Halloran, a then-Jesuit scholastic who assisted in the St. Louis exorcism and is one of the few eyewitnesses still alive who is willing to discuss his experiences. He turned out to be Reverend Luther Miles Schulze and in this article his experiences with the boy were reported in detail. Francis Xavier Church in St. This continued for ten consecutive days.

1949 exorcism diary

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  1. Doe suspected there may have been some connection between her death and the seemingly strange events that continued to take place.

  2. Without exception, the old-timers insisted that although their beloved town was given credit for being the home of the Exorcist story, the boy in question never actually lived in Mount Rainier.

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