Adhd boyfriend disappears

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When I found out because he was bad at covering his tracks, I was devastated and then left. March 14, at 5: He is never good at dealing with paperwork and all those bureaucratic crap, but he tries his best a even I need to help him with organizing sometimes. We aren't always the easiest people to date, but on the upside, the most consistent strengths of people with ADHD are that we are funny, creative and kind. He is very affectionate, caring, and helpful and all. He would either change the subject or ignore my question. I was becoming needy and worrisome.

Adhd boyfriend disappears

I believe like he needed that excitement and adrenalin rush all the time. Because of his flakiness, I ended up being the breadwinner, managing the house, taking care of the kids and all their activities, cooking, cleaning etc. I do feel bad for not being as understanding and patient as I could have been, and I feel I would have been had I known I just can't win with you! Now that he has moved back to his home country and we've decided to do the LDR thing, things are getting a bit strained between us. Also and I think most importantly!! You will always be picking up the slack and carrying the relationship. He told me only recently that he was diagnosed with ADHD and made the choice to receive help. I've been dating this guy for about ten months we actually met on reddit! He blocked my text messages and number. Is there anything I could do to support him or to improve our relationship? I do enjoy my life and go out with friends almost everyday. He did admit one time that he would never take meds and "doesn't need to talk to anyone", so that tells me he must've done so at some point and had a negative experience. He is never good at dealing with paperwork and all those bureaucratic crap, but he tries his best a even I need to help him with organizing sometimes. My ex girlfriends could never deal with my constant lateness and financial instability. I wrote to tell him I know everything March 14, at 5: The "ghosting" came at about the 3 month mark in the relationship. That whatever feelings they had for you weren't real? You don't need to be married to benefit from her insights and ideas. When I first met my guy friend, he was outgoing and adventurous. He was addicted and while it kept him calmer, it lowered his ability even more to be able to complete things or be motivated. Do not get discouraged and give up with one or two trials hallmark of ADD but continue to work with different medications until you find one that helps you the best. And the self-medicating thing with pot is true in my experience. It was nice when he lived here with me because we balanced each other out in person and had a great time, but I'm not so sure we can sustain things now.

Adhd boyfriend disappears

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  1. So what do I do now? I'm not sure if this was just an abrupt end of his hyperfocus, or if he became squeamish at my persistent asking about his ADHD.

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