Am i addicted to exercise quiz

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Sometimes I do, but the event has to be special for me to miss my workout. I have lots of them! I rework my plans by doing a few body-weight exercises in my living room instead. You may experience a decrease in energy and performance capabilities, along with fatigue and a loss of emotional vigor. You may still try to play rec soccer if you still have a touch of a cold, but compulsive exercises will still try to go for a mile rule despite their illness.

Am i addicted to exercise quiz

You may reach the point where your body starts to fight back. Do you allow yourself and your body time to rest and recover? Share on Twitter Living a healthy lifestyle is great. Occasionally my friends and family praise me for getting more active. It's an important part of my life, after all. Do you have other hobbies and ways to relieve stress besides working out? It transcends from something you like to do to something you feel you must do. One sign that you are addicted to exercise is that it begins to interfere with other aspects of your life, and you start skipping work, class or social events to fit in your workout. However, people who are addicted to exercise may feel angry, anxious or depressed if they miss their workout, and beat themselves up over it. The person may be required to stop exercising altogether and rest for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Just when I'm planning my week or day to find the time to work out. You may feel like people are staring at you when you are at the gym because you think you are overweight or out of shape. When does a love of fitness turn into an unhealthy obsession? One common thread is that these conditions or obsessions show that even good things can be taken to an extreme. You exercise despite your pain People are addicted to exercise will push themselves to work out when they are sick. How much do you exercise in a given week? Friends and family have expressed concern or made passive aggressive comments about how much time I spend working out. I rework my plans by doing a few body-weight exercises in my living room instead. Not exercising ruins your day It is normal for an athlete to feel off when he or she does not exercise, says fitness expert Yu Hannah Kim, co-founder and president of Youble. Sometimes I do, but the event has to be special for me to miss my workout. I am disappointed, but pop in a hard workout DVD to do at home. If you have an exercise addiction, you may feel that you cannot work out unless you complete your entire routine. Another sign of exercise addiction is a fanatical focus on calories burned while working out. How do you react? Your gym membership has expired and your usual evening jog has been disrupted by a storm.

Am i addicted to exercise quiz

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  1. You never seem to have time for anything else because you are preoccupied with getting to the gym or having enough time for your run. Exercising become priority number one Exercise addiction has many names and variations, including over-exercise, over-activity, compulsive exercise, obligatory exercise, anorexia athletica and exercise bulimia.

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