Best werewolf transformation

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An orgy of bad CGI effects, perhaps the worst was the werewolf character, who looked straight out of a video game from Not really one of them. Back in , these effects, cooked up by Rob Bottin, were mind-blowing. Those were both a little on the cheap side. This is simply a list of some of the better known transformations that had decent videos to accompany them. Still, a werewolf using a truncheon is kind of novel. In terms of violence, Bad Moon has to be one of the top dogs. Tell us what your favorite werewolf transformation is — is it on this list, or does your favorite come from one of the many other movies out there with these ruthless creatures?

Best werewolf transformation

Really cartoony CGI work here. But why does Michael Landon's transformation make everything around him blurry and looking like Vaseline smeared on the camera lens? The scene has to be one of the most graphic and all-around disturbing werewolf transformations. The Rise of Cobra. Michael Jackson's s varsity jacket seems less dated now than his s red leather jacket. Bella is having a hissy fit. An American Werewolf In London Of all werewolf transformations, this little number is one of the hands down favorites. Monster Squad And speaking of homages, Fred Dekker's kiddie classic that honors the Universal monster movie legacy features some pretty good effects from Stan Winston. As warned above some of these could contain spoilers. That movie bombed, but when Universal decided to try again with the werewolf concept, this time they were able to convince their lead actor to wear the original make-up, and the rest is history. This is simply a list of some of the better known transformations that had decent videos to accompany them. Stephen Sommers had earlier success with The Mummy remake, but whatever goodwill he won with that movie was lost by the time Van Helsing came out in The Howling This was the first onscreen use of extensive prosthetics to show somebody in this case, Voyager's Robert Picardo change into wolf form without the benefit of in-camera dissolves. While some of Christopher Tucker's makeup work here might seem kind of Muppety, the sheer psychosis of having Stephen Rea flay himself is pretty freaky. They still are pretty damned cool, and Picardo's psychotic glee at changing into a monster is just awesome. You might not sleep well after seeing it, so approach with caution. Jack Pierce had designed the same werewolf make-up for the lead actor in Werewolf of London, but he refused to wear the heavy prosthetics and instead looked less like a wolf and more like another version of Mr. While we don't see much actual on-screen changing, there's truly creepy stuff as the grave robbers face a wolfsbane-packed sepulcher with a not-quite-dead lycanthrope in it. But alas, just as the Boy Who Cried Wolf, there comes times where people just simply will not listen. He was a large, intimidating presence, but was funny and friendly at the same time, making him hard not to love…right before he turned into the beast, of course. Big budget movies from Spielberg could pull off realistic CGI at this point, but low budget horror like this just looked fake as hell. Cursed After the extremely successful Scream trilogy that brought so much good fortune to both director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson, the duo decided to team up once more for a werewolf-themed movie. The final version of the Wolf Man, who indeed has nards, looks like a Bernie Wrightson werewolf, so extra points for that! For the latest sci-fi news, follow us on Twitter at scifiwire. But this is a really smooth and pretty convincing transformation of Underworld screenwriter and uber-comic-book-geek and publisher Kevin Grevioux into a Lycan.

Best werewolf transformation

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