Cape kolka

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It is here, close to Cape Kolka, where the most shipwrecks occurred in the Baltic Sea and where the largest number of wrecks are buried in the sand at the bottom of the sea. Experienced sailors are definitely recommended to sail to Kolka Lighthouse at least once. Day 48 was our rest day and we went out to explore the small town of Kaltene. We were not as lucky when the rain came down a second time — at least we were wearing our rain gear — but by then we were already approaching Kolka. Hence, here is the centre of Europe and recognising this lets our hearts swell. We see so much of the sky that depending on which part we are looking at, there can be threatening dark grey clouds or no clouds at all. The sign at the bicycle trail we wanted to follow made us hopeful: Originally a wooden lighthouse, first lit in June Is there a better way to spend a cloudy day?

Cape kolka

We soon found our way back to the beach, where we walked most of the time. The clouds started to disappear and we could enjoy a beautiful sunset at this incredible place. The town boasts a 26 km long beach, and after the indicated distance one would only reach the easternmost part of the municipality. On top of it, they had heated up the sauna on the day we arrived and we could use it for free! The group that lost the battle took revenge the next morning REALLY early and played their choice of songs once again. With our mood pretty low at that point, we were quite relieved to see a guesthouse sign on the road. The first guesthouse on our way turned out to be a really good choice. Since , the lighthouse has been working in automatic mode. Once the artificial island settled, the current lighthouse tower was built, it was put into operation on July 1, The metal tower, 21 metres high, was made in St. Slitere National Park Standing at the edge of Cape Kolka, you will invariably feel its remoteness and get the impression to stand at the end of the world. The solution to this difference was the beach. Experienced sailors are definitely recommended to sail to Kolka Lighthouse at least once. The town had a yacht harbour with a pretty and affordable guesthouse, where we could spend the night. It was a sunny and warm day and a long stretch of wonderful white compact sand was in front of us. If you draw a line on a map of Europe, starting at the farthest point of the Kara River in the north-east i. Is there a better way to spend a cloudy day? The whole coastline up to Cape Kolka is dotted with little fishing villages and whenever we were walking on the road, we saw stalls selling smoked fish. Even better, there was a veikals shop nearby, so we could get everything we needed for dinner, breakfast and the next day. Originally a wooden lighthouse, first lit in June While there were tempting smells coming from inside they were preparing lunch for a youth group , we had to make do with a cup of coffee. Kolka village had nothing much to offer besides the hotel and two supermarkets, so we walked on until Kolkarags. Most of the time it was nice and sunny, but walking at the coast has this disadvantage: Evidence of these shipwrecks — bigger or smaller parts — get still washed up to the shore by stormy seas. Once again, we were lucky: On the positive side, we had a comfortable place to watch the rain and could continue our hike at the beach when it was dry again.

Cape kolka

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  1. We went inside and they had cozy rooms in a house with shower and kitchen for a very reasonable price.

  2. Because of its exposed location, Cape Kolka is the only spot in Latvia, where you can watch both sunrise from and sunset into the horizon over the sea. The group that lost the battle took revenge the next morning REALLY early and played their choice of songs once again.

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