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Vlad Bulgariu Registrant Organization: Keryneia Registrant Postal Code: Kasho Holding Limited Registrant Street: Vlad Bulgariu seems to be quite the entrepreneur. Patterns — really, they use the same text over and over again.


Amy Kristen sends an email for you to get verified. I would love to hear from anybody to see what their experiences are with any of the sites, or Kasho Holdings. The domain name was registered anonymously in October The rabbit hole goes even deeper, because the dating site where you typed your information, is really a front end for a White Label Dating Services site. A real girl meets you at Starbucks or a bar. He has 33 websites registered with his name on it. I javent yet lost any money but worried im about to" They used to be called Craigsecure among other names but had to change it after getting so many complaints https: I check what information I wrote and it was accurate. Charges made to your credit card will appear under "swdasp. Each of the above charges comes with the notation that you are on a trial period and can cancel. If it is sent, it could very well go right to the spam folder. This site is registered to Vlad Bugariu in Cyprus. No Happy Ending here This is not the start of a beautiful friendship. The site was initially registered in March, If you choose to remain a member of Swim Daters Meet Up beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at thirty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Not one of them met a single real woman face to face. Post Script Recognizing an Online Dating Scammer Here are some of the quick things to watch for on Craigslist, or any internet forum for that matter. Kasho Holding Limited Registrant Street: Thru use of a programming command called iframe, you have been redirected without your knowledge. If this seems like a complicated set up, you got that right. Here is one such site: Patterns — really, they use the same text over and over again. Vlad Bulgariu Registrant Organization: It is easy to detect, I can go to the same page from my land-line connected internet, and from my cell phone at the same time and get two different locations. By pressing 'Click Here For Access', I certify that I have read and agree to the complete terms of membership and billing and that the card entered above is my credit card.


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  1. No Good will come from feeding into this site should be fined and business license taken away" https: Many readers have said they never received an email.

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