Double scorpio man

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A Scorpio employee needs direction but not interference. Scorpios are not prone to care about social approval. You're obviously very sensitive and in tune with your feelings. Scorpios flourish when they are allowed to use their natural research and investigation skills. Sex, to a Scorpio, is like food or water - a necessity. Your childhood and teenage years shape you so, so much it's really hard to tell. They feel that they were placed on the earth plane to help people realize their human potential and to help them lead and live better lives. To say that they go ballistic is putting it mildly.

Double scorpio man

Go right ahead with the sex; it will probably be intense and amazing. Contact Author Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Pluto. When they hate, they hate. Scorpio Child While all children are affecting by their early home-life and environment, your Scorpio child can be particularly vulnerable. An offshoot of their emotionality is that they can be quite temperamental. They either like or hate them. With Capricorn on the rise and being a double Scorpio, you must have a damn good poker face. They are loyal once they have determined that someone is worthy of that loyalty. Scorpios contain the very best and the very worst of the human condition. One thing that Scorpios refuse to tolerate is lies. If you are emotional as I am with my Pisces Sun be prepared to get your feelings hurt. Vivian Leigh was a Scorpio. That Neptune on Descendant does make me feel cautious though for possible deception and disillusionment. There is no ambiguity in their being. One can say that Scorpio is an extreme sign. Work to just Scorpios is a calling, a vocation. Actually this June I was attracted to a Cancer-Sagittarius guy but I was lucky that I had his friends describe him to me that he can be a snob and a total control freak which I too observed. They do not care about social approval. They show their love and commitment by deeds more than gifts and words. You're obviously very sensitive and in tune with your feelings. Their tempers are analogous to a raging flood. Scorpios don't handle situations where there is a lot of gray area well so their work expectations should be clear. They see power as an integral part of their lives. They thoroughly believe in living life on their own terms. They believe that everyone should do the same. Scorpios are supreme no-nonsense people. Intense sex would be great but the empty feeling I may get from the fact that my body was just a vessel for him to vent his hormones on, and nothing more, would be very painful.

Double scorpio man

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  1. Don't take it personally - he is just not a social animal! This is part of their intense approach to life.

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