Erie personals

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The price of milk went up to seven cents in the village last week. Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up. He had suffered four years. She was Sarah E. Fillmore Mead was born in Brokenstraw township in , and married Caroline Hotchkiss, of Crawford county in

Erie personals

Perhaps it was when the old church dedicated in was sold and a new one was built on State Street in Fillmore Mead was a son of Philip and Mary Coover Mead; they had seven children, five of whom are now living, as follows: I like to shoot pool so darts listen to bands. We are glad to report Master Ralph Law is so far improved health as to be out-of-doors for a short time. Baumhart, who has been very ill at his home in Oberlin for the past several months, does not improve. Sarah was born at Susquehanna, and died at the age of sixty-two years. He has been justice of the peace for three terms, was elected judge in , and has also held other prominent positions in his town. Local attorney Tom Williams along with another Vermilionite, Dan Schisler, were the teachers — or perhaps better put — the overseers of 20 some boys ages 10 to 15 or Another remarkable thing is he played almost every Sunday, accepting while away at school where he played an organ Sundays and several Sundays when sickness in the family kept him away. A number of them, my ancestors, moved to Brokenstraw, Youngsville and Warren. Merritt was born in Hanover, Chautauqua county, N. David and Abigail Hotchkiss; he was a Wesleyan M. The shingles were badly burned and the water did some damage. They had a family of eight children, four of whom are now living, as follows: Westfield and its historic influences, He cleared the farm which he now occupies himself, and settled on the same about Merrihew has attained is the result of his own personal eflbrt, as he had no capital with which to start in life. No storm however severe kept him at home, which is on a farm some 3 miles from town and he has received no compensation for this service. In an email dated 2 April from researcher Marilyn Haymore: The following persons were present who had sung with Mr. I am a country girl and love animals. He is a general lumber manufacturer and shipper and oil producer. Mary Eddy of Panama, N. The choir of the old church sang several selections. I really like to keep the information on the internet as accurate as possible! The firm operates two steam power mills with a producing capacity of nearly 30, feet of lumber daily. Two of the sons served in the War of the Rebellion.

Erie personals

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