Fairest among ten thousand altogether lovely

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My soul was filled with such an inexpressible sense of praise to God for the unspeakable gift of eternal life and for such a rational sense that it was I, myself, who once had lived in a world of sorrow and death, the memory of which, with a conscious freedom from it, now filled my soul indeed with ecstasies of eternal joy. I walked near to them and laid my hand upon their heads, but still they did not comprehend me. The trees were beautiful beyond anything I had ever seen. Spiritual essences and things began to loom up before me with great vividness to my comprehension. But notable events are announced at the throne during the great convocation, when millions of saints and angels are met for the great praise services of which you will know more later. So they ask her, "what is your beloved or how is he any greater than another? You have a right to these trees, for they are His on whom you have believed; yea they are yours, for you are His. I had word of your coming ere you reached the portals of paradise, and I have often had word concerning you since I left you. Your dear mother, who has been gone from you for more than fifty years, is aware that you have entered the portals of the heavenly kingdom.

Fairest among ten thousand altogether lovely

Matters of detailed explanation were not needed or required as I had been accustomed to while in the flesh, for if a subject was plain to any one with whom I was conversing, it seemed that at once it was just as clear to my own mind, so I was quite surprised to find how rapidly I could take in a knowledge of the spiritual realm, and yet a second surprise constantly met me: We have missed them deeply and often longed to see them again and share our earth-joys with them. Being relieved of the endless wants and worries of your life's drama, even temporarily, is liberating. It is usually the case that when we are ready Christ appears. Sometimes you inwardly sighed and longed to be freed from your mortal flesh. Some of them have it quite well now and others knew it when they came, for it is contained in the Holy Scriptures on earth. This, and a form of Gnosticism, has held an important position within the cults of the arcane mysteries throughout the centuries. When we arose, another saint, apparently of ancient times, came to him, and said, "Let me assist you in the ways of the kingdom. Christians, who are well acquainted with Christ themselves, should do all they can to make others know something of him. But when God gave you eternal life He connected you with all heavenly realms, for He gave you His life which has always been. There were many others like myself. I hope to return in time to go with you up to the city," and waving his hand he said good-bye. She was a noble Christian woman and a faithful servant of Christ in His vineyard on earth, who had turned many to the Lord. I have greatly admired his faith that never staggered, and his obedience to go where his eye could not see. Far-fetched, mystical, superstitious or private interpretation is not accepted. We saw thousands of angels and happy spirits passing in all directions; but all I saw seemed very joyous and happy in their work. Suddenly, the anointing came upon me and the prose tuned into a poetic form of writing. I began to write him a "good-bye" letter. Am I really going to say good-bye to worldly things this day? Even now you could not endure the light so abundant within the city. He then lovingly replied: I tried to speak to them, but could not arrest their attention. Oh, such a freshness of love and joy which burst upon my soul, so that I fairly shouted, "Hallelujah," and said again, "In the bosom of Abraham! All of us here, like those upon earth, are deeply interested in this great event, which the Father hath kept in the secrets of His own counsels. But this mystical approach totally disregards the elementary rules of textual interpretation. The gift of gracious expression and gracious speech has been poured upon him from on high comp. In fact, the procedures practised by these orders closely replicate many of the beliefs and practices performed by Christian Mystics from the time of the early Gnostics — doctrines which the Christian apostles denounced as heresies.

Fairest among ten thousand altogether lovely

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  1. It did not matter what language we had known on earth, we could fully understand each other there, and all were speaking, as we passed along, of the precious salvation through Jesus.

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