Fb poke war

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You can poke only a "friend" or "friend of a friend". Poke on Facebook is just a casual gesture which means "I am thinking of you" or a simple "Hello". What is Poke War on Facebook? I considered that understood. Well, it never ends, it continues until one of the parties decides to stop poking.

Fb poke war

While we can't quite bring ourselves to quit the network, it's a far cry from the fun playground it once was. Oh yes, Ingmar Goldson. Giving the Poke new prominence it never really went away will certainly mean more of these drive-by interactions, but that's a bad idea, on many levels. So probably the best question to ask your friend after first poke is "Are you going to poke me Again? It runs counter to what I would argue is some of the best advice for Facebook — and its users — in Yet Facebook appears determined to make this a common, accepted way of getting someone's attention on the network. This back and forth poking on facebook is Poke war. Although the meaning of the facebook poke can be interpreted variedly, it can also be done to irritate your enemies too. By Pete Pachal Kathy Lee can gasp until all the oxygen has left her body, and we are still no closer to a universal understanding of what it is to poke in this day and age. Our relationship with Facebook has matured over the last few years, and, in some key ways, worsened. When you subtract all the flirty use cases, just who actually enjoys being "poked? The power and influence of Facebook in particular — whose user base is now more than 2 billion strong — has grown to the point where there's no such thing as a "minor" feature. Now if you choose to poke back and the original person pokes you again, a Poke War starts. This would never occur of course, because unlike those Facebook activities, the poke app is blatant encouragement to break the social contract. Who cared what tools Facebook was experimenting with when it was used mostly to play Scrabble? Penna Sparrow What is Poke in Facebook? Now the question that arises here is, when does a Poke war end? What is Poke War on Facebook? You can poke only a "friend" or "friend of a friend". There is an option to poke back that person too. If you want to poke your Grans, maybe you should be arrested. What I meant to say is that's bizarre, anti-social behavior that no one should ever do outside of a schoolyard playground. Just send me a message already. A Poke is like a nudge, which a friend gives you, to grab your attention.

Fb poke war

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