Fiance wants to postpone wedding

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A few days had been enough to know. I hoped he would come back. The conversation lasted through the night, through bouts of anger, tears, words of love. Finally, shortly after he came back from a long trip to visit a dear, sick uncle, I broke down. I called, and called, and laid awake waiting.

Fiance wants to postpone wedding

I thought it was as good as it got, with you. I packed my bags at least twice, shouting at him that I was going back home. He had blamed distance and so had I, and it had worked for years — so well, too well. He had given up thinking he could find the one. Anyway yes, we have permission to have the ceremony in Italy. His reasons were that getting a new job, moving to a new city and planning a wedding were taking too much of a toll on him and he needed to be single to sort his life out. I was disgusted by my own thoughts. Everything in India frightened me. And it was all we needed. She was understanding, forgiving, and helpful — knowing far too well what I was going through, she repeated to me countless times I had not lost someone worth keeping. It was all working out. Since I had made my decision already, I decided to stick with it. Something about the image of me buying myself my own wedding flowers was unbearable to me: We finally found a place that worked and bought new furniture. We met in Italy, fell in love and spent the summer of our lives on intense weeks together and long stretches apart: About six months ago, my boyfriend of four years and I got engaged. I was sorry I was so embarrassingly heartbroken. In the teeming backstreets, electrifying and overwhelming, I looked upon poverty and dirt, equally horrified. In Paris, London, Italy. A few days had been enough to know. I cried when I saw my mother. I saw myself as shallow and materialistic for wanting a place that was nice and comfortable. Sleeping was out of the question. But we did need the papers. I went back to our apartment.

Fiance wants to postpone wedding

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  1. We looked for a new place, and I cried like a spoiled child when faced with the reality that his priorities were different from mine — he wanted to save money on rent, and on everything really, to be able to invest in his work. Even the peacocks, flying on the rooftop terrace from the park nearby, were wonderful but so foreign.

  2. In the teeming backstreets, electrifying and overwhelming, I looked upon poverty and dirt, equally horrified. It was all working out.

  3. They had been demanding and cruel to him in his teens, kicking him out of home before the end of high school, and still refused to acknowledge it, let alone apologize for it. In the meantime, my ex started to text me about how much he missed me, realized his mistake and wanted to get back together again.

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