Fijian girl names

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During our farewell evening, each family presented a salusalu to the student they were hosting. They will map out which salusalu is to be worn during which part of the ceremony. The uniqueness of this salusalu is in the numerous rows of flowers that can continue on to cover the neck, shoulders and even the chest of the wearer. Then they walk in the similar manner as they walked in back to the lower end of the room or shed, depending on where the event is taking place. This flower is not even found in any other part of Fiji, let alone in any other part of the world. This process often requires a lot of practice, where the one placing the garland usually a young female member of the clan is trained by the older women. I will discuss this later in this essay. These can be worn by wearers welcoming visitors or tourists, and dancers can wear them when they are entertaining guests. Part of this adaptation included the naming of plants and flowers.

Fijian girl names

The people of Taveuni, as a result, weave these flowers as their salusalu, which then becomes a significant marker for the people of Taveuni. Once this is done, then the young woman sits in a lady-like manner beside the Chief Guest dabe vakamarama and they obo cupped clap three times. This is complemented by the manner of walking towards the Chief Guest, and this is done in a respectful half-bending, half-crouching position, while holding the salusalu with both hands. It is therefore important that the art of cori-salusalu must be passed down to the next generation in order to keep the loloma love flowing. One hand holds the vau, then the other hand releases the other vau handle. In the provinces of Bua and Macuata, on the island of Vanua Levu where sedges or grasses that grow in marshlands are plentiful known as kuta , they weave and decorate their salusalu using kuta. We can confidently say that nature and culture have a symbiotic relationship. One must be reminded that their hand must not go over the head of the wearer, as the head is considered sacred. Presenting Process Veivakasalusalutaki This process is called the veivakasalusalutaki, which literally translates as to place the salusalu on the neck of the wearer. In succeeding chapters, he examines a number of grammatical topics in greater detail, including clause and phrase structure, verbal syntax, deictics, and anaphora. The processes of creating, presenting and adorning these floral necklaces signifies family lineage, traditional roles and cultural affiliation. Sometimes, in the case of a wedding, salusalu can be replaced by other relatives who have prepared their special salusalu for the bride or the groom. Different parts of Fiji have their unique patterns and types of flowers that differentiate them from other places. It can be described as a necklace of flowers woven together by strands of vau dried bark of wild hibiscus. The foliage can be oiled with coconut oil to provide that sheen, glow and additional fragrance to the salusalu. Apart from the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers that are woven together over the vau, receiving a salusalu on special occasions binds family relationships within the Fijian society. Part of this adaptation included the naming of plants and flowers. If it is a whole-day event, one can wear it as long as they want. A simple thread and needle is all that is needed. I will mention a few here from the provinces of Lau, Rewa, Kadavu and Cakaudrove: The generic statement goes like this: I will discuss this later in this essay. In modern days, graduations, birthdays and welcoming tourists to Fiji command the gifting of salusalu. To avoid conflicts, they often come to a consensus leading up to the wedding day as to which salusalu will be adorned during which part of the wedding event. As mentioned in the earlier part of my essay, the Tagimoucia flower, also known as Medinilla waterhousei, is a species of flowering plant in the family Melastomataceae that is endemic to the highland rainforest of the Fijian island of Taveuni. Around of these islands are inhabited.

Fijian girl names

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