Games for singles

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To play, pair up all of your guests. Getting-to-Know-You Icebreaker Games Pick a Straw Good for any size group, you can vary the questions used to cover a variety of topics, groups, and situations. You can make this game as short or as long as you wish and use it for any size group. Have the two teams form lines facing each other. Tell all of the players they have to remain as solemn and serious as they can throughout the game. The leader randomly picks a slip of paper, and hands it to the three people. Seal an object inside that starts with that letter. From least to most — how many brothers and sisters you have. Players use whatever they can find outside to protect their egg.

Games for singles

The object of this adult icebreaker game is to roll the balls as close as possible to the basket. Some examples you might include are: Hodge Podge Word Game One of the best icebreaker games for fun and to get a group relaxed and ready to work with each other, this icebreaker game takes no materials or preparation and is excellent for any size group. The fun part is that some people get a long string and must keep talking. Protect the Egg Protect the Egg is a great icebreaker game to promote team building and requires creative problem solving. The spaces on the board are named after cities from the New Testament and instead of building houses or hotels the object is to build a church. Color or multi-color string is fun. This game makes a good ice breaker and is a great way for people to get to know each other. Electric Pulse The name of this game comes from the two long lines of players resembling electric pulsing. The team that does so wins a point. If the team makes a mistake and tails was actually the result of the toss, they lose a point. This game works best with a large group of people. Board games are an easy way to entertain a group of friends. Have the two teams form lines facing each other. Have the participants stand at the far end of a room with a basket of some kind on the other side of the room. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish. You can give a point for each correct guess. Have the group stand or sit in a circle. You can use famous movie lines or movie titles instead, if you prefer. As the game progresses, eliminate any players who laugh or make noise when it is not their turn. You can simply use post-it notes or small slips of paper. In the regular version of Guesstures, you'll just have regular things to act out like "kiss," "pig" or "airplane" but in the Bible version, you will have more Biblical topics like "Baptize," "Cross" or "Moses. From shortest to tallest — how many letters are in your first name. At that point, each person tells his or her own story with additional details. The goal of this game is for players to reorder themselves as quickly as possible. Proverb Partners Use small cards to write half of a proverb on one and the other half of the proverb on another.

Games for singles

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  1. The stories are sometimes silly, but always fun. Seal an object inside that starts with that letter.

  2. This game makes a good ice breaker and is a great way for people to get to know each other.

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