Gao xingjian soul mountain

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Li watches a young couple laughing,joyfully. He had promised if he had another chance he would change course in his life. The Qiang "race" live between the high Tibetan plateau and the Sichuan basin And he really hated his wife, whom he separated from.

Gao xingjian soul mountain

Later in "You"'s story, "She" departs [4] "as if in a story, as if in a dream". The Voice is back on Li: Li started walking in parks, where people took cages with birds for a stroll. His friend had studied genetic engineering; he thought "life is admirable-a chance phenomenon". In several interviews I've watched, he said in good French: Li knows what that means. Li is back on the dialogues with the "different" woman. The characters' sense of humanity is revealed during their quest. Li explains the concept of Kalpa: But Li will say "Nature fooled me He wants to take a break and start looking for an "authentic life"—meaning the opposite of that of the state's concept of real life. Li feels the need to communicate Li muses that "everybody returns here due to advanced age" Li's trip is a voyage to return to Nature, to have an authentic life; he should have abandoned pollution a long time ago. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The "You" character occupies the odd-numbered chapters 1—31 and the even-numbered chapters from 32—80, while the "I" character's includes even-numbered chapters 2—30 and odd-numbered chapters 33— Autobiographical influences[ edit ] In the early s, Gao Xingjian faced a great deal of criticism in the wake of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The psychic woman tells him too: And then there are references to the metallic black of the Tsugas trees; firs trees of dark grey Preamble Lingshaw means Soul Mountain. The city was polluted. Reception[ edit ] In a review published in , after Gao's Nobel win, The New York Times said "His 81 chapters are an often bewildering and considerably uneven congeries of forms: This decision led him to begin the journey that forms much of the autobiographical portion of the novel. For all his life he's been expecting a miracle. I read also that his present book "is a literary response to the devastation of the self". He is described as a local tourist — "not that sort of tourist" but a backpacking one "wearing strong sensible sports shoes and a backpack with shoulder straps".

Gao xingjian soul mountain

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