Gardening Hacks With Plastic Bottles, Make Your Garden Become Wonderful

Best backyard landscape ideas

A Plastic bottle often regards as something useless or even trash. However, it actually has some functions that you may don’t know yet. One of them reuses the plastics bottles as something else. If you have a garden then that’s a place where the plastics bottles shine brightly. Through gardening hacks with plastic bottles, you can fully enjoy your hobby. Furthermore they also very low cost yet very useful. Let’s see what’s the plastics bottles can do for your garden.

Best backyard landscape ideas

1. Guardian of Seedling

One of the gardening hacks with plastic bottles is to make a guarding seedling. It’s really useful when you start growing the seeds. To make the seedling guard you have to cut the bottles in half. Then with the half-cut bottles, make a ring out of it. Place your ring bottle around a seedling. With the guard of the ring bottle, the slugs or other bugs can’t go near it.

2. Seed Storage

Want to store the seeds but don’t have a place? Don’t worry about it. Look around your house to find unused plastic bottles. After you get it, clean the bottle so it will not leave the water that can moisture it. And then store the seeds you have in it. Now, you won’t have to worry anymore about your seed storage. This seed storage from a plastic bottle works better with peas and beans.

3. Watering Can

Watering a seedling can be a little risky. That’s because big spouts of water can harm it. So, you must be careful when watering it. That’s when a plastic bottle comes as a savior. You can use it to watering your seedling. Moreover, it’s very easy as you just need to make a hole on the top of the bottle. Then film it with the water. Now, you can be watering the seedling just by squeeze it.

4. Greenhouse in a Mini Size

Having a greenhouse will cost a lot of money. But it will cost nothing if you make a smaller version with a plastic bottle. You just need to cut the bottle with the cap on it. After that, put it around the seedling. Now, the plastic bottle will cover the seedling. And just like a greenhouse, the plastic will trap moisture so it will not leak out. Not only that, but this mini greenhouse also protect the seedling from the cold temperature and the frost.

5. Water Reservoir

Another gardening hacks with plastic bottles you can apply is the water reservoir. When you want to go out but worry about your plants this water reservoir will definitely help you. Besides, it’s very easy to make it. What you need is just a half of the bottle with the cap on it. Fasten the cap and make a hole in it.

Then insert the bottle with the cap into the ground near the base of the plant while the other part is above the ground. Pour the water on the bottle and it will slowly drip out from the water. With this even if you go out for several days, your plants will still be watered.

Gardening hacks with plastic bottles truly make your hobby easier. In addition to easily acquired materials, maintaining is not really difficult. Now, even a plastic bottle can be useful in the right hands.