Greatest heavyweight boxers

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Heavyweight champions have resonated in the culture. Power, speed, stamina, a textbook style. The fighters, listed chronologically, are John L. Walcott was 37, but he outboxed Marciano for most of their first match. The owner of the finest jab in heavyweight history and astonishing recuperative powers, Holmes also became a fixture in the Top 10 in the s, more than a decade after his peak, which was another underrated achievement. Sullivan for the title, defended it once against an aging British middleweight Charlie Mitchell and lost it to another aging British middleweight Bob Fitzsimmons.

Greatest heavyweight boxers

Some of the margins that separated fighters were razor-thin. Louis finished second in these latter three categories. In some instances, the panelists offered commentary with regard to their rankings. It was enormously important as a social event. That night changed the experience of being black in America. How important was a fighter in his era? Ali finished alone in first place in the rankings by media, matchmakers and historians. Certain champions touch an entire generation. He changed the way guys fought. He beat an old drunk John L. He was the only heavyweight champion after Sullivan without a man of color on his record. Walcott and Charles are derided now as old men when he fought them. Then he got lazy. Was he the best of his era? And his role as a serious player in Ukrainian politics adds to his stature. Great is a hard word to define, and greatness is subjective. Drinking nearly killed him in , yet he whipped the next-best white man a year later in a bare-knuckle match that lasted more than two hours. Instead, a weighted average from the other panelists was assigned to their respective slots on their ballots. In previous polls which used the who-beats-who formula , most electors were confident in the choices. Rather than match champions against each other in a round-robin tournament, the electors were asked to rank them in order of greatness. That should count for something. Joe Louis was a better fighter than any fighter the world had seen before. A giant who fought with finesse. Some of the fighters on this list had a bit of quit in them. There was no interest from the American public in two black men fighting for the heavyweight title. But Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis stand separate and apart from the rest.

Greatest heavyweight boxers

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  1. It took Corbett 21 modern rounds to stop Sullivan when Sullivan was 34 years old, had been inactive for three years and was drinking constantly.

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