Happiness in the world gosho

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Just chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and when you drink sake, stay at home with your wife. When I was 17 Sensei told me to just try to read and read and memorize the phrases. The extent to which we can receive and use depends entirely on ourselves. He Nichiren Daishonin gave this letter to Shigo Kingo to encourage him. It is to be found in the here and now. Thanks to our having encountered this teaching, we can lead wonderful lives of eternal victory. In a general sense, the term also refers to those striving to achieve kosen-rufu who have a direct connection in faith to the Daishonin.

Happiness in the world gosho

Takahashi is now lecturing in English and talking about Shigo Kingo. But if you depart from my advice even slightly, do not blame me for what may happen. These are all irreplaceable scenes in life's drama. The Daishonin in effect encouraged Shijo Kingo to shut the cowardly behavior of his accusers out of his mind. Those colleagues who harassed him suffered pitiful consequences. The Daishonin explained the true sense of practice. This is the state of life of "peace and security in this life. Also, at the most fundamental level, faith is for our sake, not for anyone else's. Can we freely receive and use still more? But from the standpoint of Buddhism, it is possible that people may be verbally attacked and undergo difficulties even though they are without guilt or blame. This sutra passage assures us that we can definitely develop such a great life force. It means that in this world people ought to live in happiness and ease. Will we take only a small cup of water from the ocean, or will we fill up a large swimming pool? It is full of important points that I need to renew and refresh in my life. We are not born to suffer. Chanting daimoku is itself happiness. They may try to undercut someone of whom they feel envious and then delight at the person's misfortune. Toward establishing such an existence, we need to develop a strong life force by chanting daimoku and thoroughly challenging the realities of our lives. Faith enables us to receive the eternal joy derived from the Law. Joy derived from the Law. Even to Shijo Kingo, who possessed such strong faith, the Daishonin says, "Strengthen your faith more than ever. It is not at all uncommon to find such disparities among people whose lives are otherwise quite similar. If we have a truly high state of life, then even when unpleasant things happen we view them as making life all the more interesting, just as a pinch of salt can actually improve the flavor of a sweet dish. But the Daishonin told him, "Never let life's hardships disturb you. Happiness does not lie far off in the distance.

Happiness in the world gosho

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