Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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There have been flashes of light, doors opening and closing, strange gurgling sounds, and even items being tossed across the room. And since then, they think he has been "following" and playing paranks them. The ladies room toilet has also had problems and flushed endlessly with no explanation. The Snake River is also in the vicinity and supposedly draws wicca ceremonies due to the fact that it flows south-to-north. Also CD's that have been set out mysteriously disappear after the DJ turns away. Veneta - death hill - It is said that the ghosts of some loggers that were killed there are still roaming that place. Portland - Oaks Park - This amusement park built in has been plagued with a ghostly apparition of a lone child in 70's style clothing for over 20 years. He disappeared before her eyes, leaving only the faint scent of tobacco in the air.

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

Feeling of being watched. There is an intercom in one of the towers where if you listen closely you can hear the chanting of an inmate who committed suicide. He went up onto the catwalks, fell off and died. The back two auditoriums are haunted. Seabirds cackle, and the wind whistles through the trees. And passing motorists on the old country freeways have seen him as well. Griswold, the founder of the school, and his wife. Gold Hill - Near Oregon Vortex - Several visitors to the vortex have seen John Lister, the Scottish scientist who discovered the area, standing at the top of the sloping floor of the old log cabin. In during renovation work crews were "persued" by a ominous creature that liked to play evil pranks and stalk the workers. Another story was also about a janitor, supposedly himself or someone had hung him from the pull rope of the old bell in the tower, Stories of every night at midnight the bell would ring, this was before the timer was installed, when the bell was rang at recess by the sixth graders. Baker City - Baker Hotel - Reports of parties on the second floor, especially in one room. Most often he was seen looking into the room with a curious look or darting around corners. Portland - Tryon Creek State Park - When the conditions are right, generally right before a major storm, if you are out along the North Rim Trail you will hear the sound of horses in harness and smell fresh cut timber, even though the last time the area was logged was in the late 's. They are maybe 50 feet apart. During shows, pieces of scenery ha e moved and maniacal laughing has been heard. If you go into the orchard and walk a little ways you'll hear leaves crunching behind you and when you look behind you, you'll see a white shadowy figure walking from one tree to another and then disappear. A young man died in the pool of an unexplained drowning. He reported it to headquarters, but he had to wait a week for the mail to go back and forth. Now are said to be haunted by the men. Idanha - The Rock Piles - This place has been said to be inhabited by loggers and other ancient spirits. Loud noises can be heard like there's a room full of people talking and then is gets really silent. Whatever it was made noises and was about the size of a dog. In the park, the tides ebb and flow. Before being converted to a correctional institution, it was a state mental hospital. On the ground floor, in a restaurant, people have reported a ghostly voice maybe of a long-dead waitress shouting names and orders. Ever since then, at least three employees have been having visits from him. It truly is a magical place.

Heceta head lighthouse haunted

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  1. Share Shares 2K Lighthouses are beacons in the night for those out at sea. Portland - Hollywood Theatre - Built in the twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby.

  2. When the doors are shut and locked, he can be heard whistling, pushing his broom, the sound of his keys jingling as he walks. In the late 's there was a horse thief who lives in an old cabin in the area of Scapponia Park.

  3. A local resident stated that he had once tried to wash the blood off, but it would just reappear time and time again. It belonged to General Robert E.

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