How to tempt a boy

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Ask him flirtatious questions about his body. Do not be afraid to be dominant in the situation. Massaging a man's scalp, back, shoulders, or feet can get him in the mood. Withhold things from him forever? Your mood determines your vibe and your vibe determines your attractiveness. This can help a man see you are interested in him sexually. In fact, many men find confidence more attractive than pure physical beauty. If you want to have the sexiest vibe possible, then you need to let go of all the mental drama that clouds your mood. This makes you look confident about your body.

How to tempt a boy

Men respond well to visual stimuli. The earlobes and neck are areas of the body that, for both men and women, tend to respond sexually to being touched, licked, kissed, bit, and other forms of sexual play. It also sends the message that you're ready to get more physical. Quite the opposite is true, actually. That is incredibly seductive to a man… that is the woman a man wants to have in his life, all to himself. In this game, you both take turns say something sexual you've never done but have always been curious about. Try offering a scalp massage and see if this gets him in the mood. I mean, laughably, embarrassingly bad. Think of it as giving up on having enemies, grievances, and complaints. Be nice to the bartender and respectful to any friends he's with. Talk about scenes from movies or television shows you found arousing. They call that the elusive obvious… And once you see, clear as day, what men find hot… copy those elements. When trying to get a man's interest, eye contact is important. Men move towards what feels good in the moment and away from what feels bad in the moment. This is only possible if you have completely given up on feeding into negativity of any kind. You will be seducing him. Women sometimes feel they should hold back sexually as not to scare a man off. This will prove attractive to most men. Men often gauge sexual or romantic interest based on a woman's eyes and facial expression. In other words, do not try to be something you're not. This means that you are not seeking things from him… or needing things from him… or craving things from him. When you can see that, you are in control. Gain his interest by being yourself, set the scene, and then slowly move into physical contact. They focus on how much they want the other person instead of on creating desire in the other person. If you're interested in getting physical with a man, try to work that into the opening conversation.

How to tempt a boy

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  1. Which brings me to an important consideration you need to keep in mind… How hot are you, how hot is he? Let your personality show in your online dating presence as well.

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