How to Wash the Fabric Face Mask from Store and After Use

how to wash the fabric face masks

Since people now very concerned about their health, face mask becomes popular to use. Indeed, it is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a protection for yourself and others. You probably see the face mask in various colors, designs, and models. Whatever you choose, you should know how to wash the fabric face mask. Because you can’t use it directly after purchase, moreover, when it is used from the outside.

Maybe you are wondering how often you should wash the mask. Actually, every time you get it from outside, you have to put it into the sink or washing machine right away. Or, if you want to change and need to keep for a while, then you should bring a plastic. Put it inside and don’t let it sticks to another stuff. It is to keep your things safe from contamination. Once you get home, follow these steps below about how to wash the fabric face mask:

1. Use Hot Water

You should use hot water when washing the face mask. It is to kill the bacteria or germs because they can’t live in a temperature of 60 up to 70 degrees Celsius. Some people boil their mask, but, actually, it is not really good choice. Because this way can damage the mask and probably the germs will stay inside the pot. Flush the mask so the water will flow.

2. Use Detergent or Bleach

Detergent or bleach is the second key to sanitize your face mask. No matter which one you use, the soap will kill the germs. But, remember, if you use the bleach, pay attention to its concentration. The higher one could damage your mask. Also, since you put the mask directly to the nose, you must ensure do rinsing very well. Inhaling the residual fumes might bother your respiration.

3. Clean Your Hands and Sink

When you wash the face mask in the sink, you should sanitize the sink too. Rinse the sink using soap and clean with the water flow. It is okay not to use hot water to wash the sink. But it is important to keep hygiene the place whenever you soaked the mask in.

4. Dry with the Highest Heat

After the soap and its suds are completely clean, it is time to dry the mask. You can use the automatic dryer, or if you don’t have it, just place the mask in direct sunlight. Hung it and you can also use a hairdryer for some extra. If you feel it is already dried, iron the mask to kill any remaining germs. But this is allowed only for the cotton or linen mask.

5. Separate from Clothes or Cover with Bag

Another important thing to remember is you should separate the face mask from the clothes. It is to avoid the spread of virus possibility. But we have an option for you to use a special bag. There are people who use mesh laundry bags while washing with the other clothes.

Actually, besides you know how to wash the fabric face mask, you also need to understand how to store the face mask properly. Because the storage is everything for its cleanliness too. Put the clean mask inside the closed plastic or zip bag. Don’t open it until you want to use it to go outside again.