I am heartbroken and i can t move on

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Try to relive it. Drain out the colour so it is black and white, then make it transparent. Imagine what their comments would be. Anger including frustration, irritation, guilt tends to be expressed as tension in the jaw, head, neck, shoulders, and hands. Now, leading hypnotist Paul McKenna and psychotherapist Dr Hugh Willbourn claim they can teach you to mend a broken heart.

I am heartbroken and i can t move on

Go through each of the other four negative memories of your ex-partner, and relive them. Learning to see your situation with a different frame is a wonderful liberation. See your reactions as normal. Think about the break-up of your relationship. Now, as you keep that image in your mind's eye, notice the feelings that arise. By training your attention on your body, your mind stays out of the way rather than escalating your pain with inflammatory thoughts. Images that are closer, bigger, brighter and more colourful have greater emotional intensity than those that are duller, smaller and further away. Make your home look and feel different from when your loved one was around. Grieving is how you gradually let go of what might have been, and adjust to what is. Or I have butterflies in my tummy. List five occasions when you felt very in love with your ex. Think about your ex now. Try to relive it. You will notice that some changes have a bigger effect than others. I feel tightness in my jaw. Your unconscious mind will protect you, and give you a rest so that you can deal with the next bit. Calm breath also makes it easier for you to practice being a nonjudgmental observer and letting your painful feelings flow when you are triggered. Is it a movie or a still image? Fear including anxiety, worry, dread might be felt as discomfort or uneasiness in the belly or legs. Memory and imagination affect our feelings in the same way as reality does. Stay on task by scanning your entire body and describing your physical sensations to yourself. Is it lifesize or smaller? Trust the process and understand that your adjustment can be as gradual as you need it to be. This exercise helps that piece of you release itself. Notice the differences that you see from each point of view. Work through them until you have done all five. In heartbreak, there is often a backlog of emotional learning to get through.

I am heartbroken and i can t move on

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  1. Recommended reading on letting feelings flow through your body: The changes you make don't have to be permanent.

  2. Even if it is just using a different shampoo and deleting your ex's number from the memory of your mobile, change something.

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