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After embarrassing Unreal in the best-two-out-of-three preliminaries, Tina breezed through the next round with ease. Flipside subjects Christmas to a Carnahan-worthy battery of questions, which take up the remainder of the page, surrounding his ad: The opponents were locked into each others' psyches. For more on Berger's departure, see the March 10 and April 7 installments of this column. Unreal caught up with Kranz recently to discuss this and at least one other very important topic. Maybe next time around he'll opt for the half-page treatment. He says the dudes talk the talk more than the ladies.


Tina, out of nowhere, went with paper! The opponents were locked into each others' psyches. On the cover of Flipside NewsZine's July issue, against a red, white and blue backdrop, snarling or is that a confident smile? For the past few months, reps from the local Schlafly brewery have been traveling to bars throughout the area sponsoring "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tournaments, and the drinkers seem to love it. Ummm, I don't know if he's here. And I resemble that remark about "liberal sexual views. It is almost as if Mr. But that was before erstwhile Post-Dispatch gossip scribe and Unreal idol Jerry Berger brought a shroud of secrecy to the profession. Unreal promptly got Koplar's company on the blower, a gambit that yielded tantalizingly ambiguous results: I'm drinking Mountain Dew right now, so that might have something to do with it. Essentially, he has facilitated some of the most significant building projects in recent California history with little environmental review. What has become of the Sultan of Schmooze? I hope her central role would have more to do with taking a ride on my new spaceship as compared to her partners in music. The Russ Carnahan for Congress Committee hadn't yet expensed their ad, so Unreal isn't sure how much it cost them. The folks at Flipside say they don't sell coverage. Under our new superintendent, anything is possible. Reliable sources tell Unreal that Berger's gone back to his PR roots. Burt Bacharach is hip again. Only existing laws banning direct and provable quid-pro-quos apply here. Like sparing her feelings. Yeah, he should throw her the whole hindquarter. Bruker separated the two, who were surprisingly calm despite the overwhelming pressure. The Congressional hopeful probably got his money's worth, though. Tina stormed back with a solid scissors, which shredded Ida's paper. Louis Post-Dispatch erroneously called my column a "sex advice" column rather than a "dating and relationships" column it's the Post, not the Times, and not the Washington Post, either -- it's no accident that this Pulitzer paper hasn't won a Pulitzer for news in more than 50 years, and although most papers have a "corrections" column for things they got wrong, the Post is the only paper in the country that has a column for things they got right the previous day


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