Miracle skin transformer body review

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Maestro Fusion Makeup in shades in direct sunlight. Maestro Shade Descriptions So far, and I concede, this may be premature I am smitten. A water and powder-free base to avoid a cakey finish 2. True beige for light skin with neutral leans a bit cool undertones 5. The Maestro Foundation is unlike anything I have ever used before and I have indeed used my fair share of foundation formulations. The result is a light, whisper-thin, luminous finish that mimics airbrush, uniform, perfected skin without any of the usual signs of foundation e. Maestro Fusion Makeup in shades in the shade.

Miracle skin transformer body review

My only concern was the added octinoxate chemical sunscreen I much prefer physical sunscreen and have very sensitive skin in general but, despite preferring it not be included, I thankfully have not experienced any breakouts or reactions. The finish is satin in nature Medium warm golden beige very similar in tone to 6. Though I haven't had the chance in the five hours of owning it! As much as I wanted to write about my experience with the product at that point, I decided it was prudent to use it for a week or two before officially weighing in I attribute this to the makeup's built in ability to adjust to one's skin tone. In this review, I specifically wanted to focus my attention on highlighting the subtle visual differences between shades 5. There are countless Maestro reviews on the Internet that describe the formula, ingredients and backstory of the product's development. Light beige for light skin with yellow undertones slightly darker than 4 5: I also like that I can combine these two shades, as needed, to assist with the seasonal transition. Maestro after a few minutes True medium to medium-dark tan with neutral undertones for medium-dark tan skin. I made sure to take this at the end of the day to show its performance over time. My past experience with mineral makeup was not stellar; in turn, when I was given the chance to try the Youngblood Natural Mineral Loose Foundation , my reservations were intact! Darkest brown for dark brown skin with neutral undertones. I bought BE in "light" for the winter months and "medium tan" in the summer. I made sure to take the pictures at the end of the day to showcase how fresh and even my skin remained Totally non-comodogenic to be kind to sensitive skin 3. Please check back later on this week for more images and my review. Maestro Shade Descriptions As long as you are safe to wear chemical sunscreen and are comfortable applying this with your fingers, you will marvel at how quickly and furtively this makeup improves the surface of your skin without looking the slightest bit obvious. Maestro Fusion Makeup in shades This would be a perfect match for me in the winter months approximately NC 25 but was a bit too light to look completely believable with my tanner body. I haven't tried a mineral foundation that I like as much as Youngblood's in a long time! Warm dark tan for warm tan skin with very golden undertones. In light of this affinity, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Maestro , Giorgio Armani's latest wunderkind makeup that is the product of eight years of research and preparation. I swatched the foundation heavily to show its opacity and shade, but one would never opt to wear such a dense application on their face

Miracle skin transformer body review

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  1. In the meanwhile, I hope that these swatches are abundantly helpful as you seek your perfect Maestro match! Surprisingly, it maintains its natural satin finish and does not get too shiny as the hours wear on!

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