Mole meaning in hindi

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They can convince others with their speech. But he will have devotion to God. A mole exactly in the middle of the chest represents heavy financial problems. Moles on the feet frequently foretell sickness and unexpected misfortune, with much sorrow. He helps others and gets help from others. Their earnings will be very good and they get name and fame easily. A mole on the right eyelid brings wealth. There will be many friends. The Sun If you notice a new mole or spot an existing one is changing shape or colour or becoming itchy, painful or t bleeds, then see your doctor.

Mole meaning in hindi

If the mole had a hair, it signified the person has strong intuitive power and could even be a healer or psychic. It also means this person will probably have a happy marriage. Such a person is loud-mouthed. A mole which is located exactly in the middle of the chin represents a lofty person who receives laurels from others. Effeminacy in men with a certain amount of cowardice, however in women it is a sign of courage. But if the mole appears in the lower half of the ear it means the person should be careful around water because they have the propensity to drown. He is intelligent and diplomatic. He will possess some agriculture lands. If the mole is on the right side temple, it denotes early marriage and beautiful wife. He will be profited from a lady, either from his wife or from other woman. He will lead a spiritual life and gives spiritual discourses. He loves good food and his children will have good future. He becomes a writer or painter. If the mole is at the left side of the head, then the native will not have enough money. Financial problems trouble him. A mole on the left calf represents journeys due to job or business. The native involves into prostitution. If you have a mole in the middle phalange of your middle finger, you will become bankrupt at some point in your life. A mole on the right eyelid brings wealth. He will be devotional. If you have a mole on the right side of your eyebrow, it signifies great success, a wonderful marriage, many healthy children, wealth. A mole on the left side of the back represents completing the tasks by diplomacy. The Sun Internet forums show that many users find they have more moles on their skin - and men who inject have found they've had sustained and painful erections. Mole on little finger indicated a life full of hardships. If a person has a mole in or around his armpit it means the individual is very good looking and they will always be attractive to the opposite sex. Print Meaning of Moles The gypsies of the world, whether they be from Romania, Spain, Ireland or America are superstitious people particularly when it came to moles on the body. The Sun It is crucial people see their GP as soon as they notice any unusual changes to their skin or moles.

Mole meaning in hindi

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