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Some of these men have provided me with invaluable and practical lessons and information for furthering the cause at the legislative and public level. I have no problem with nudism. I wish everyone could feel that same joy, but the bottom line is that everyone gets to choose how to use their freedoms and no one should feel pressured. So, to naturist men, if you truly support the ideas of female body positivity and gender equality, please, continue to lend your support with awareness to how easy it is for a person to feel coerced or forced. Right up front, the effects of the naturist male voice in the topfreedom conversation is a delicate subject for me. Quelle Belle Vue Tags:


Gender equality has never actually happened, in all our history, in the land of the free. I enjoy being naked. But I have this nagging feeling that a portion of the male naturist support of topfreedom is not so much because they value equality, but because they see topfreedom as a means to push society to eventually accept full public nudity. This is not the blog for that conversation and I am not expert in those topics. It simply means that all people have the same freedoms and choices under the law, and that equivalent acts are treated the same way legally. When women feel comfortable and secure, they will participate. I love the feeling of freedom I experience when bare-chested. This blog, and my passion, is asserting that all people should be treated equally under the law. Quelle Belle Vue Tags: Watch him posing, jerking, and fucking for all to see. Delicate because I personally appreciate the backing of naturists who support topfreedom for authentic reasons, body positivity, gender equality, etc, but I also hear a chord of inauthenticity from some who identify as male naturists. Some of these men have provided me with invaluable and practical lessons and information for furthering the cause at the legislative and public level. Once, at an east coast beach, I was one of maybe five nude women to at least a hundred men. Party public reality Wild women enjoy male stripper Babes blowjob cowgirl Two slutty nurses get naked to fuck a fat male patient 9: We rode our bikes across the city, through a Harley-Davidson gathering, past a dozen police officers, to this beautiful spot in the shade. This is a slow, patient social movement. I'm an very open minded dear girl who loves spending time with a passionate man who knows how to treat a lady and who truly enjoy spoiling a beautiful young woman. We really do need the support of men. Featuring everyone from Zac Efron to Hollywoods up and coming men! At another east coast nudist area, again far more men than women, I ended up literally surrounded by men all thanking me for coming and being nice to them and telling me how nice my breasts were apparently this would encourage me to come again? Amateur masturbation sex toys Amateur girl satisfied with a Male Doll 3: Body positivity is a huge deal to me. Overcoming that stigma is going to take a lot of personal and collective work. June 19, Naturism and Topfreedom: Not one single man told him to stop.


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