Perceiving versus judging

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This is a personality quality that craves efficiency. Of course, this does not mean that the other group are lawbreakers, but if you see someone walk for five minutes so that they could get to the other side of the street using a crosswalk, they are much more likely to be a Judging type. They make decisions, but only after weighing all the possibilities, and doing so when they absolutely must. Our research also indicates that Judging types are much stricter when it comes to law and order. As you can see, there is nothing inherently negative here — they are not judgmental, they simply prefer to operate within a more structured setting when it comes to external interactions. One of the biggest differences between judging and perceiving types is how they make decisions.

Perceiving versus judging

In a personal relationship, they would be great sources of new ideas, and be easy to deal with because they tend to be flexible and adapt quickly to sudden change. Their clothes will be clean, they'll look put together, they'll match, and seem in good order. They like to live life to the fullest and get antsy and stir crazy if they haven't done something fulfilling in awhile. INFJ is guided more by wisdom and discernment, and so if they see something is going the wrong direction and they have the chance to intervene for the better, they'll try to do it as best as they see fit. The most dominate, aggressively traditional J personalities are those with a thinking or feeling dominate function. The last letter of your Myers Briggs personality score comes from the judging and perceiving scale. They are not the neater, cleaner, neurotic, uptight party poopers most people believe them to be. Perceiving types can be more open minded. They tend to dance to the beat of their own drum. Sometimes if everyone is the same, it does quite give the group dynamic the right spark to bring something together. All personalities do well with opposite judging-perceiving preferences. As you can see, there is nothing inherently negative here — they are not judgmental, they simply prefer to operate within a more structured setting when it comes to external interactions. They like to dabble in a variety of things, open several doors at once, and leave things messy so they can scour through it later. Different personalities can help you to better understand the world, but personalities are going to automatically get along with certain people better than others. You can make them really anxious by putting them into too much chaos. They would prefer to go with the flow, make passive-aggressive comments, or avoid any and all discomfort. Both sides of the scale have their pros and cons. People with this trait are perfectly aware that life is full of possibilities, and they are reluctant to commit to something that might well prove to be an inferior option in the future. They can get too relaxed about rules and end up hurting themselves and others who are nearby. Realize changes in direction are not necessarily impulsiveness. Perceiving types treasure authenticity. However, this affects more than just our calendars — at its core, this scale determines our attitude toward certainty and structure in our lives, both at mental and physical levels. It does not mean you are cold or calculating either. When they ask for things they are specific and expect others to do as they say. It is as if Judging types always keep a mental checklist, and when something is crossed off that list, it is done and not open to reassessment.

Perceiving versus judging

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