Signs a coworker is jealous of you

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As a boss, try to be fair when handing out assignments or giving resources to employees. You can't, for example, hand over your promotion or transfer your natural abilities to the jealous person to make her feel better. Be it your dressing sense, your choice of handbag or your work related achievements; they will be the first one to congratulate you with an overwhelming feeling. If you work in a small startup with no HR function, and you love your job and see long-term potential in the company, the bravest thing to do is nip this problem in the bud pronto! Don't deny the way you feel; envy will build up inside you and it can be hard to concentrate on your work. You'll need to allow the person to feel jealous and work on her emotions by herself. Here are 5 signs that will help you weed out the untrustworthy. It may be cathartic to talk with the person who's causing your jealousy, although it takes courage to do this. Remember the old saying, "For every finger you point, there's three pointing back at you"?

Signs a coworker is jealous of you

Did a project you worked hard on end up getting lost or a well-organized presentation end up mysteriously turning into a mess? In this case, ignore them and do not take interest in their stories. Jealous colleagues are among those handful people in the office who carry malice in heart. If you go on diet, they will also go on diet to lose weight. Hence, you should avoid getting along with them when you find them celebrating your failure. Do you feel fingers pointing at you behind your back? In short, they will make others believe that your success was a fluke, nothing beyond that. Maybe these are just a harmless oversights, but finding yourself chronically left out might indicate that a coworker is jealous of your abilities and does not want you to shine by participating in crucial office confabs. Bolder people will criticize you or downplay your achievements. What Causes Jealousy You may feel jealousy in the workplace when an employee gets favoritism or preferential treatment over other workers. They spread their tumor by enlisting others into their negative spin campaign. They are not accountable. But at the very least, you should be able to trust your coworkers. Oct 5, More from Inc. Sucking Up or "Brown-nosing" Employees who are constantly looking to please and receive praise likely have an insecurity issue. In larger companies, report such behaviors to your HR team. By watching their behavior, though, you can learn to recognize signs of jealousy. Not so with these toxic workers. If your colleague does offer congratulations, her sentiments may seem half-hearted or fake. It can devastate careers and ruin your health. Top 5 stress-inducing jobs that puts professional capacity to test 3. Yes, it seems juvenile, but these things do happen in the adult work world. This may be random harassment, or someone might be trying to cover up her or his own blunders by making them yours. You can't, for example, hand over your promotion or transfer your natural abilities to the jealous person to make her feel better. Insecurity is common in almost everyone, but the level of insecurity and how much it affects behavior can also vary greatly. How to Handle Jealousy When you feel jealous of another coworker, it's best to admit the feelings to yourself. They cannot be trusted as far as you can throw them.

Signs a coworker is jealous of you

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