Sister alphonsa

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I had a stack of holy cards in my pocket with Alphonsa's picture on them, so I pulled one of them out and gave it to the boy. Bharananganam is famous for its elite institutions. Our Lord is with thee. She came to love suffering because she loved the suffering Christ. We recall how she experienced not only physical pain of great intensity, but also the spiritual suffering of being misunderstood and misjudged by others. Alphonsa is being conducted here on every Friday evening Feast[ edit ] Thousands of people converge on the small town of Bharananganam when they celebrate the feast of Saint Alphonsa from 19 to 28 July each year; her tomb has been designated as a pilgrimage site with numerous miracles being reported by pious devotees. Most of them have baby Jesus in them with His mother Mary. Even at a young age she showed a great zeal for suffering and she used to pray fervently and longed for sacrifice and fasting as and when possible.

Sister alphonsa

When I told the boy that he should pray to this woman for the cure of his feet, the boy — he was quite smart for a ten-year-old boy — replied: Her foster mother died in I feel now that God has intended my life to be an oblation, a sacrifice of suffering" 20 November On 11 August she completed the novitiate and took her first vows. But she constantly accepted all her sufferings with serenity and trust in God. Anna's mother died when she was young, so her maternal aunt raised her. On 19 May Alphonsa entered the novitiate of the congregation at Bharananganam. The Pope himself read out the biography of Alphonsa after the ceremony. Health decline[ edit ] The period — was characterised by grave illness. Before they left, the three of us had our pictures taken. It is said that in spite of her painful diseases, she was cheerful to the last. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Saint Alphonsa's tomb Saint Alphonsa lived a saintly life and was recognized as a saintly person during her lifetime. How blessed would be Mother Mary to get such a blessing from God. The slow-moving procession of the caparisoned elephants carrying decorative silken umbrellas and other paraphernalia, illumined by multi-tongued oil torches, is a gorgeous spectacle, a delightful experience for the participants. Luke, Matthew, and John, though, describe her origins as being in Bethlehem, which is in Judea. Mani, all holding lit candles. She had a difficult childhood and experienced loss and suffering early on in life. Speaking in English, the Pope declared Sister Alphonsa a saint, after reading excerpts from the Bible. From early in her life, Sister Alphonsa experienced great suffering. Click on any thumbnail for the original pic. It was her students who established the cult of Saint Alphonsa. Even at a young age she showed a great zeal for suffering and she used to pray fervently and longed for sacrifice and fasting as and when possible. Her parents nicknamed her Annakkutty little Anna. Where did Mother Mary live? Francis , [4] and through them, completed her schooling. Her health improved over the next few years, until in July she developed gastroenteritis and liver problems that caused violent convulsions and vomiting.

Sister alphonsa

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