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When Harry's Uncle Vernon barked at him to get moving, Molly tried to engage him in conversation, which ended up going nowhere. The following June, she arrived at King's Cross to pick her family up. But Mum spotted us. When Harry and Ron brought her back safely, Molly was grateful to Harry, and was curious as to how he managed it. After Arthur got into a fist fight with Lucius Malfoy , Molly was livid, claiming that his actions were not a good example to set for his children. Car gone — could have crashed — out of my mind with worry — did you care? After getting their money from Gringotts , Molly departed with Ginny to a second-hand robe shop, to meet the others an hour later at Flourish and Blotts. Contents Biography Early life Molly:

Stout dating site

During the First Wizarding War , Molly was not mentioned as a member of the Order of the Phoenix , and indeed Lupin confirms this, but this is likely because she was having and taking care of many young children at the time. When the trio returned with Harry Potter the next morning, having flown to Surrey and back, her anger exploded and she yelled at them for what, to Harry, seemed like hours. In the spring of , Molly and Arthur arrived at Hogwarts, worried, after learning that the Monster of Slytherin had taken Ginny into the Chamber of Secrets. Before leaving, she and Arthur learned that Harry had never travelled through the Floo Network before. Molly's children, Harry Potter , and Hermione Granger in the garden of the Burrow After she stopped yelling at them, she began preparing dinner, during which she huffed about Fred and George's trouble-making. Summer of "Beds empty! She addressed Fred and George, telling them that she didn't want to receive anymore owls that they had blown up a toilet, and George quipped that they would send her a Hogwarts lavatory seat. Molly played a large part in the life of Harry Potter , acting as a motherly figure towards him. She did not blame Harry, but threw her sons nasty looks the whole time she made breakfast. While Bill took them on tours of the pyramids, Molly refused to let Ginny come into the last one, which was full of "mutant skeletons" of Muggles who had broken in and "grown extra heads. That night, she received a letter from the head of Gryffindor Minerva McGonagall explaining what Harry and Ron had done. When Harry and the others returned from Hogwarts for the summer, he thanked her for the jumper and fudge, to which she insisted it was no trouble. After Harry explained everything, Molly accompanied Ginny to the hospital wing. Sometime after she graduated, both her brothers were murdered by Death Eaters in the First Wizarding War. In , Fred burnt a hole in Ron's tongue by feeding him an Acid Pop. But Mum spotted us. The next day, she and Arthur saw Harry , Ron , Hermione , and the others off to school. After Arthur got into a fist fight with Lucius Malfoy , Molly was livid, claiming that his actions were not a good example to set for his children. She also was a member of the revived Order of the Phoenix following the return of Lord Voldemort and participated in the final battle of the Second Wizarding War. She also heard from Arthur that Black intended to murder Harry. When the family arrived safely back home, she hugged Fred and George, crying over the thought of the fact that if they had died, the last time she spoke to them she yelled at them for not having earned more O. Molly came to the rescue and knit him an emerald green Weasley jumper and made him a box of home-made fudge. Her brothers, however, were members of the Order, and were murdered during the war by five Death Eaters , including Antonin Dolohov , who was subsequently imprisoned in Azkaban for the crime; Molly was, given the way she speaks about Gideon and Fabian, distraught at their deaths and may have inherited their things, given that she kept Fabian's watch until When Fred and George wondered if he remembered what Lord Voldemort looked like, Molly became stern and forbade them from asking him. She had longed to have a daughter after having her first five sons, but had another son, Ron, before finally having a daughter, Ginny. She began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the early 's, and was sorted into Gryffindor House. If it's got anything to do with Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

Stout dating site

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