best concept for living room

A living room is where you can gather with the whole family members or friends. For several people, it is set to be a relaxing place. Thus, a living room should represent the homeowner’s taste and personalization. But, sometimes people are confused to decide the theme too. If you are one of these people, then see what we will suggest to you from the best concept for living room have listed.

best concept for living room

Before you transform the room, at least you should understand the basics of the room concept. There are five things that have to be combined in a right way. They are color, line (positioning of the objects), form (shape of the objects), mass (where the object bulk placed), and texture (the ambiance or feeling). Once you mix them all proportionally, then your living room will be the best spot ever. Here are the samples of the best concept for living room:

1. Stylish Bookshelf

For every book lovers, buying a book is a beautiful impulsive. That is why the room in the house is never enough. Show your interest to anyone who comes to your home. Putting a bookshelf is a good option for decoration. Choose the overlooked one if you want to make it looks stand-out. But the simple one fits for the minimalist concept.

2. A Focal Point

It is not a must, but all interior designers recommend that every living room should have a focal point. It is something that center of attention and really describes yourself. You can create a focal point from anything, such as a huge open window, a unique artistic hanging lamp, a fireplace, or anything.

3. Touch of Arts

Some people make their living room like a showroom. They show all the collections they love. If you like art, you can hang some paintings or place a wooden statue. Choose a stunning thing or something that really shows inside yourself. Because it brings your personality out indirectly. Remember about the basics of mass which you place something in bulk. Decide the number of art pieces proportionally, so people can enjoy seeing.

4. Green Spot

Do you want something different? Why don’t you put a plant inside? Or, making a green spot is also a great idea. For those who desire a fresh look, natural ambiance, and low-budget of course, green spot usually created in the living room. Moreover, this design becomes popular even for the house in the city.

5. Comfortable Seating

The living room is about gathering and sitting. So, there is no excuse for not providing a comfortable seat there. The comfortable seat has many purposes, for example, lying on a rainy day with a book on hand, spotting conversation, and many more. Don’t forget to add some pillows to make everything looks more perfect.

If you understand more about the use of the living room, actually, it means a lot for the homeowner. Even though it is not a main part of the house, having a living room is like serving a special thing to someone. Thus, we are happy here finally sharing the best concept for living room with you.