Over the past few years, many people prefer to work from home. If you are one of them, you should know about the best home office decor ideas. This is certainly very useful for you to make you more enthusiastic and not bored with the atmosphere.

In addition, by having the right and good home office decoration, you will more easily focus and concentrate on working. You have to look for many attractive home office decor references to support work productivity. Here are 5 best home office decor ideas that can inspire you:

1.     Be A Minimalist

Its fans will never abandon the minimalist concept. This is because this concept implements simple designs for each idea. You can use neutral colors for your home office, for example white, gray, or brown.

You can also choose a desk and chair that has a simple model. Do not let your desk filled with equipment that is not important because it will damage the atmosphere of your home office. In addition, you can also add some minimalist furniture that is functional and versatile.

2.     Add Green

One of the best home office decor ideas is you can add some green. You can paint the walls in dark green or moss green. Add some greenery where you want it so that the natural impression remains in the room.

Some indoor plants are spider plants, monstera deliciosa, dragon trees, and so on. You can also combine it with a wood furniture for tables, shelves, and also chairs. Add some plant-themed paintings that can make the room more attractive and natural.

3.     Mix Modern And Vintage

You can combine vintage and modern decoration. This will make your home office unique and very personal. You can use a color palette that has a vintage impression, like dark green, yellow, or maroon.

Add a large carpet under your desk with modern motifs, such as geometric. Choose a desk that is made of wood but with a metal finish to emphasize the concept of vintage and modern. You can also add decorative table lamps and vintage photo frames.

4.     Try Industrial

The industrial theme is great for your home office. This is because your home office will look very cool and not boring. You can highlight or expose a number of pipelines to make your home office have an industrial feel.

Choose furniture that has a metal or wood theme that has not been furnished. Use a concrete or granite floor that has a concrete-like texture to make the industrial theme stand out. Or, you can also choose a wood parquet as a practical and economical choice.

5.     Go Scandinavian

Scandinavian style design principles prioritize functionality without losing elegance. Therefore, Scandinavian-style decoration focuses on simplicity, the use of each room while still looking elegant and beautiful. You can choose wood material for work desks, chairs, and bookshelves.

Wood can give a warm, homey, and natural feel to a home office. In Scandinavian style design, wood material is usually combined with soft, monochrome and inconspicuous colors. You can also add large windows to your home office to add lighting.

Now you know about the best home office decor ideas. You can choose home office decor based on your character and preferences. Do not forget to consider the area of your home office space to facilitate you in decorating it.