The kitchen cabinet is an inseparable part of the kitchen. It covers almost all the kitchen. That’s why choosing the kitchen cabinet’s design is a very important thing to do. One wrong choice and you will see unmatch design from your kitchen cabinet. And so, let’s find kitchen cabinet design ideas for the better kitchen.

1. Color Kitchen Cabinet

Most of the kitchen cabinets have a traditional, wooden color. But, it’s not necessary for you to follow that kind of design. On the other hand, you can try different kitchen cabinet design ideas. The color kitchen in perfect in that sense. 

Color kitchen cabinet is great because it can give a personality to the kitchen. And whenever you want, you can change the painted color into a different color without replacing the kitchen cabinet. To make it looks more classical, you can choose some neutral colors such as grey, white and blue.

2. Back In Black

If you want your kitchen look elegant yet sexy, use this design idea. Black color for the kitchen cabinet. It is well matched for your modern kitchen. And bet, everyone that takes a glimpse of your kitchen will be amazed by how catchy the kitchen cabinet you have.

As for the hardware, try to choose them in similar colors. But it is best if you choose black for the hardware color. Because it will make your kitchen look more graceful.

3. High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the kitchen clean. To solve the problem this high gloss kitchen cabinet is made. It is very easy to clean, even with the soft cloth. This way your kitchen will always look clean and sparkling.

High gloss is one of the kitchen cabinet design ideas that use wooden grain and enhances the color. As a result, the kitchen will look brighter because of the reflective surface.

4. Very High Cabinet

Do you want to know any unique kitchen cabinet design idea? It is very different than any kitchen cabinet. Yup, it is a very high kitchen cabinet. When you use this cabinet your wall will not visible at all as its height touch the ceiling. 

You don’t have to worry whether your kitchen looks small. A high cabinet will make your kitchen feel smooth. To prevent the room from being overwhelmed, choose a soft calming color such as beige, blue-green and gray.

5. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

It is exciting to experiment with the cabinet color. And if you’re too bored with mono color, try using a two-tone color for your kitchen cabinet. There are two options if you want to paint your kitchen cabinet with two-tone. 

First, try to paint your upper cabinet with a different color than the lower cabinet. Try to paint in a complementary color. Another choice is to choose the cabinet that has a two-tone. You can choose your favorite color for the door and an actual cabinet. Meanwhile the second color for the exterior frame.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet design ideas can make an impactful impression for your kitchen. In addition, the right kitchen cabinet design will make you feel cozy in your own kitchen. And this will lead you to happiness when cooking in the kitchen.