Garden is part of the house. The existence of a garden can boost the beauty of the house. But what should you do, if you don’t have enough space? Give up the garden is not the option. So, the only alternative is making a mini garden. With the mini garden, your house still looks cozy despite the limited space. To fulfill the dreamy house and garden, you need mini garden ideas.

That’s because you have to match how the house looks with the mini garden. So, here is some idea to make your mini garden dazzling and enhance the house.

1. Vertical Mini Garden

“My house doesn’t have enough space to make a garden, what should I do?” If you have ever thought of something like that, then you can make a vertical mini garden. You can use the wall of your fence to actualize your idea to make a garden. Thus, you don’t need a large space and you can still decorate the house with the garden.

As for the plants, you can use a pot or basket to plan them. As it is a mini garden, the size of the pot or basket isn’t necessary to be big. A small size is enough. Then you can arrange it on the wall or fence.

2. Evolution Of The Mini Garden

The other mini garden ideas you can do is used the limited space in the house to make something new. The easiest way is to make vertical shelving. You can use a wooden board and construct a ladder or any shape. As long as you can put the plants on it, whatever shape is fine. With this, you can create a new space and then arrange your plant however you like.

This idea is depending on the height of the house. The higher the house, space will exist more.

3. Make Use of The Corner

For the small house with a small courtyard, having a garden is a tiny hope. But, it is not impossible if it is a mini garden. To make this mini garden, you can use every corner of your courtyard. Put the pot of plants in the corner of courtyard. You can also hang the pot to spare the space.

4. Mini Greenhouse

Usually, to make a greenhouse, you need a vast land. But, in a small house with a small courtyard, you still can develop a greenhouse for growing plants. By using a tall glass cabinet, this mini greenhouse can be realized.

After that put the glass cabinet in the sun-spot drenched. Do not forget to arrange the pot neatly so it will be nice to be looked at. With this, even space is small you can still make an enchanting mini garden.

Building a mini garden may don’t need an effort as much as the usual garden. But, you need creativity to make your mini garden beautiful. That’s why these mini garden ideas are presented. Using these ideas you can make the mini garden however you like. And in the end not only you can make a beautiful mini garden, but you can also make the house become a cozy place to live in.