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Means was allowed to transfer without missing a beat and is now playing football for the University of Memphis. After 14 years in New York City and Tokyo writing stories for Newsweek, the University of Tennessee graduate was back in the South working on a book about Southeastern Conference football. When he didn't, he began to complain, first at parties and football gatherings, then to the NCAA in the fall of His troubles were far from over. There were suspicions about Young's ties to Alabama for years but no public accusations of cheating until the Means story broke. His research in Memphis and his contacts with coaches in places like Knoxville and Oxford pointed him toward a second Memphis story -- the unorthodox recruiting of Means, a highly regarded lineman from Trezevant High School. The answer offers a glimpse of the inner workings of the media, the power of Internet gossip, the fanaticism of some football boosters, and, as always, Memphis politics. Former federal prosecutor Arthur Kahn, who is familiar with the Means case, said prosecutors will "certainly" have to produce hard evidence and probably fresh witnesses to buttress the accusations of Lang and Kirk. Tanner in the past.


The objects of their ire include an NCAA investigator, the head of the university's committee on infractions, the university's compliance officer, and a trio of Memphians they believe conspired to bring down Alabama -- Schledwitz, Adams, and Kahn, owner of Arthur's Wine and Liquor and married to Young's former girlfriend Lisa Mallory, who once rented space above the liquor store. The allegations about inner-city high school coaches in Memphis brokering star players for cash were eye-opening enough, but the forum for hashing them out was a story in itself: The answer offers a glimpse of the inner workings of the media, the power of Internet gossip, the fanaticism of some football boosters, and, as always, Memphis politics. On August 29, , he and Lang were indicted on bribery and extortion charges "under color of official right" or, in other words, as public employees. His father started a successful food company, but Logan Young's passion is football, not business. He plans to begin a third career as a high school English teacher next year. He added, however, that racketeering cases require approval from higher-ups in the Department of Justice, indicating prosecutors are confident they can win. Assuming the charges are not dismissed, a trial is several months or even years away. The ripple effect is still being felt. The indictment of Kirk and Lang, returned eight months after the story broke, doesn't mention Young by name as one of the co-conspirators or "fans known as boosters. According to both sides, it was a day they will not soon forget. Nearly everywhere he went in the fall of , the scuttlebutt was that Memphis was the Southern sewer of recruiting corruption. Lang, his former coach at Trezevant High School, and assistant coach Milton Kirk have already pled guilty to federal racketeering charges. They proved to be every bit as colorful as I expected them to be. There were suspicions about Young's ties to Alabama for years but no public accusations of cheating until the Means story broke. An anonymous source quoted in the book tells Ernsberger, "Yeah, he'd do it," when asked if Young would cheat. The Alabama Counteroffensive Diehard Alabama fans have been stewing as their team endures a bowl-ban, public humiliation, fired head coaches, and an alarming number of losses for a school accustomed to competing for the national championship. Comments Get ready, Memphis. All three gave depositions this year in Shanks' office, which is stuffed to the ceiling with Alabama football memorabilia. A graduate of Central High School and an admirer of Estes Kefaufer, the Tennessee senator and presidential aspirant of the s, Adams attended UT on and off from to and boasts an impressive arsenal of knowledge of UT football and state politics. College football is a business, and to win you have to have the best players. Tanner in the past. Curiously, he was represented by a public defender. But Adams denies pushing Kirk toward the CA and told the Flyer, in fact, that he advised him to keep it quiet. A serious writer had given narrative structure, perspective, details, and credibility to what had previously been rumor, gossip, and anonymous Internet chat.


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  1. For counsel, Kirk turned to Karl Schledwitz, a lawyer turned developer with good political savvy.

  2. Along with the FBI, they have spent three years investigating the recruiting of a single high school football player, Albert Means, at a time when the country is on terror alert and Memphis is afflicted with the usual mayhem and skullduggery. One was Alabama super-fan Young, a wealthy businessman with an erratic reputation and ties to the late legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant.

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