The diamonds little darlin 1957

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In the preceding section, we mentioned Ernie Young, the head of Excello Records who produced the original song by The Gladiolas. So they supplemented what studio cuts they had with three songs that Elvis had performed live in Ann Arbor, Michigan in April of Here was a man who was strongly opposed to drugs. In any case, I find it both fascinating and distressing to see video of Elvis, near the end of his life. This made it to 4 on the Billboard pop charts.

The diamonds little darlin 1957

The Diamonds ' version is generally considered a superior version. But his voice is still in fine form, and he is clearly enjoying himself. RCA Records was unable to obtain enough studio recordings from Elvis to fill an album. He never took illegal drugs, admonished his fellow musicians to refrain from using them, and only rarely drank liquor. During this period, he would occasionally have to hold sheet music in order to read the lyrics. At times, the vocal phrases verge on self-parody -- the "ai-ya-yi-yai-yai-ya"'s or the "wella-wella"'s -- which may be why The Diamonds' version is superior. Elvis Presley was indeed The King of rock music. Here is video of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs in Nov. The song starts off with a doo-wop falsetto lead, after which the lyrics begin. In August of that year he was scheduled to begin another tour. You can see the dramatic weight gain that Elvis experienced around this time. And in , Somerville himself left the group. But it is still valuable. That eventually landed the group a recording contract with Mercury Records. Twice during the year he overdosed on barbiturates, spending three days in a coma in his hotel suite after the first incident. This made it to 4 on the Billboard pop charts. By this time, in his live concerts Elvis was beginning to forget the lines to songs. The song is noted for its spoken recitation by the lead singer "My Darlin' I need you This was quite a rare occurrence in the music business. However, he trusted his doctors, and they prescribed for him an ever-increasing number of medications. As early as , Presley was experiencing serious side effects from the vast array of pills prescribed by his doctors. Although the Diamonds scored hits with doo-wop tunes, they still had great affection for old-time pop standards, and the group issued covers of American standard classic tunes. When we allow performers to simply lip-synch, we cheapen the entire enterprise. You can easily pick out the 3-beat, 2-beat pattern that is so reminiscent of Latin music. But they are remembered for their classic doo-wop hits. Around this time, Elvis was struggling with severe health problems that were aggravated by a long history of prescription drug abuse.

The diamonds little darlin 1957

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  1. In the late 50s, all of the Diamonds except Dave Somerville quit the group, and were replaced.

  2. In any case, I find it both fascinating and distressing to see video of Elvis, near the end of his life. Both versions are good, even if they're a little silly, because it's a good doo wop song, giving each member of the quartet a lot to do.

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