The Unique And Creative Memories Scrapbook Ideas

creative memories scrapbook ideas

Everyone may want to memorize any kind of moment in our life. There are no bad memories as long as we spend it with our beloved people around us. Therefore, every single memory is important to remember. Hence, we usually make something to save memory like a scrapbook. The scrapbook usually contains our unforgettable experience and memory with beloved friends, family, and couples. Moreover, a scrapbook is not too difficult to make. We can make our creative memories scrapbook ideas like the example below.

1. Green Border Marker Scrapbook Ideas

There are many kinds of scrapbook ideas including the green border marker scrapbook. This design is suitable for a happy memory with the family. We can put the photos in the center of the paper. Then, add some green border markers around the page. You might make a rectangle, square, or round border marker in your scrapbook as creative as you can. however, whatever the shape, the green color can give a nice accent to your scrapbook.

2. Newspaper Background of Scrapbook Ideas

In the scrapbook, we usually put a background under the photos. Hence, the design of the background is also important to add a beautiful accent to your scrapbook. You might use the newspaper as the background of your scrapbook. The newspaper background will make your scrapbook look like a real newspaper with your photo as the main news. It will be interesting.

3. Pink Love Scrapbook Ideas

This design is special for someone who loves pink color. they also can create their scrapbook by using their favorite color like pink. Moreover, you can add some love symbols to make your scrapbook more beautiful instead of plain pink. You might also put your couple photos and add many love symbol inside. It will look romantic and a nice scrapbook.

4. Unique Fonts Scrapbook Ideas

Except for giving the background, give some words in your scrapbook is not bad. You might mark the photos by some words beside or under the photos. However, you might combine the word and make it as creative as you can. You might use a strange font or unique font to make it more life. On the other hand, you may also write it y yourself using your handwriting. Your handwriting will make your scrapbook look original and sincere. It means that you really love that moment and you want to remember that for the rest of your life.

5. Colorful Scrapbook Design

Except for giving a kind of color, we also can put many colors to make it colorful. The colorful scrapbook will give happiness accent. You might also put the photo which contains happy moments with friends, family, and also a couple. It will be nice and creative memories scrapbook ideas. However, you can decide the color as creative as you can. on the other hand, a handmade scrapbook is more memorable instead of a common scrapbook. Moreover, you can make it in line with your style and you want.

The five creative memories scrapbook ideas can be followed easily at home. You can make a beautiful scrapbook with any material in your house. Make your own scrapbook and save your memory more.