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Did you think that the rest of the world would close their eyes to this as you did? All this dear Rodney from Birmingham, that you call propaganda, is actually real facts and history but if it makes you feel better calling it that, you may do so. In the intercommunal hostilities began and the official report of the Attorney General of the UN stated that there were Turks and 50 greeks dead. Replies Tough luck I sound so cruel dont I? You Greek Cypriots are the murderers and even now you still spout your lying propaganda trying to make out like you are all innocent and that only you greedy Greeks lost your houses and land as if the Turkish Cypriots don't belong in Cyprus. The membership is presently hovering around 1, Cypriot to Bitter Greek 31 Jul , Allow me to enlighten you of a few details that unfortunately you seem to have left out. Who voted for union and the Anand plan?

Trnc forums

In , England with the blessings of USA imposed an agreement for independance even though they knew from the very beginning that it was doomed to collapse. Well as far as I'm concerned, we've been living in peace since , thanks to Turkey otherwise we would have all been slaughtered by the Greeks. I only wished, while reading the message you wrote, that you did a little reading of real history yourself. Yes we have some unscrupulous property developers in the North as there are everywhere else in the World and unless buyers are as careful when buying property there as they would be when buying property anywhere else in the World then they may get caught out. As a Christian i will pray for you. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing. It is hoped that arrest warrants will also be issued to Interpol for their apprehension should they at any time leave their sanctuary in the in the Turkish occupied part of Northern Cyprus. Since December lots have changed. I assume you are content with your bargain deal and living in a beautiful home near the sea, enjoying fresh fish and consuming lots of alcohol. During the second world war Greeks stood by the allies English, French etc.. I suggest you visit the archives and learn the truth - you have been bitter for far too long and perhaps once you ascertain the 'truth', you can then teach your children not to be so twisted - you owe that much to them!! Dear Rodney, I am glad you are encouraging people to do a little research and study a little bit of history before they have an opinion of their own. If someone is residing in your legaly owned property, the only way you will every get a chance of reclaiming it is if your greek cypriot people wake up and come to some kind of amicable agreement with TRNC. A good idea would be to hire as many "lawyers"as you can and instruct them to represent you in front of the courts and Gods eyes. In the meantime since the Turks gathered army and equipment in the island and planned the Partition that suited them. You found, that building your future and dreams on someone elses pain was a "real deal". Many Turkish people say they want 'peace'. Ceylan 19 Nov , In the ottoman empire invaded Cyprus and occupied the whole island killing, raping and torturing thousands of Greeks as well as venetians and other Christians. Well the world at last is waking up to your lies but my hope and wish is that Cyprus is NEVER unified because I know that if it is the Turkish Cypriots will once again have to fear for their lives. The Turkish army did not invade with flowers and xmas carols but with Napalm and M16's. Did you really think you would get away with it forever? Who voted for union and the Anand plan? All you "buyers", knew from the beginning that you were buying the land of someone that was violently forced to leave his property, dreams, dead family and hopes for a future behind. Naturally they would support it as they had everything to gain at the expense of the people of Southern Cyprus. As for you Victoria, I am sorry to hear what happened to your family, however, crooks are everywhere not just in Northern Cyprus. They truly believed and trusted that the nightmare would come to an end.

Trnc forums

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