Tullamore pictures

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Even ghosts want to live there Kinnity Castle outside Tullamore and Leap Castle near Birr are often described as two of Ireland's most haunted locations — and both have featured heavily on those ghost-hunting television series too. Look, I'm just as shocked as you are, but we're going to have to deal with it. John Joly from Bracknagh was a bit of a whizz-kid when it came to all things science. Some of Ireland's finest musicians call Offaly home We have Mundy… 9. Offaly's bogs power the island

Tullamore pictures

Now I suspect that the man had never set foot outside Times Square, let alone New York, so we came to the conclusion that he had a fondness for one of Ireland's most popular exports, Tullamore Dew. Offaly photographic records for study and sale in addition to a limited number of publications on Laois and Irish general historical interest. The whiskey was first produced in the town in , although sadly that's not the case anymore it's now made in Middleton, Co Cork. The Society subscribes to almost all the premier historical journals in Ireland. You wouldn't see him as happy in Cavan, that's for sure. Currently these websites have an estimated 20 million records of all Ireland interest. Sadly thankfully , there's no chance of any Dante's Peak-style shenanigans here since it's been dead for thousands of years, but it does make for a very cool obstacle course. It is the remains of an extinct volcano. The highest air temperature recorded during the 20th Century was at Boora on 29 June The remarkably well-preserved body was found buried in a bog near Croghan Hill in and is estimated to be over 2, years old. Organising tours during the summer months to places of shared historical interest. Archaeological objects and artifacts. All share a common interest in collecting and promoting the heritage of the county and making it available to the wider community. Our Committee represents a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Alright, Cavan , you've had your week in the sun, but that was merely a taster — now it's time for the main event. While the number of power plants in the county may have dropped significantly in recently years with the decommissioning of Ferbane and Rhode ESB stations, the peat-fired power plants at Edenderry and Shannonbridge and the hydro-electric station at Belmont still contribute a significant amount of power to Ireland's national grid approx one-twelfth of all output. We gave birth to US President Barack Obama Not literally, of course — that would be a medical impossibility but the current US President can trace his ancestry all the way back to the tiny village of Moneygall in the south-west of the county. The lads and lassies beat out other schools from around the country. The holding of monthly lectures, occasional seminars, exhibitions and film screenings. So how hot are we talking? Meet the current committee: Thousands of hectares of cutaway bog have been transformed into parkland, like the nature reserve at Boora Bog. He also has a scar on his arm, possible evidence that he tried to defend himself. He's also known for developing techniques to accurately estimate the age of a geological period, based on radioactive something or other. Birr Castle was home to the world's largest telescope While the rest of the country was looking into the gutters, Offalians were looking at the stars.

Tullamore pictures

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  1. The remarkably well-preserved body was found buried in a bog near Croghan Hill in and is estimated to be over 2, years old.

  2. The Society focuses on enhancing educational opportunities, understanding and knowledge of the county heritage while fostering an inclusive approach and civic pride in local identity.

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