Why do aborigines have blonde hair

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Ancestors of the Polynesians arrived in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea at least 6, to 8, years ago. What do you think? All the various non-blonde hair colors, from brown to black are slotted into the "dominant" category, when I would argue that even among black haired people there is a wide variance of pigment concentration of eumelanin that visual inspection might miss, for example between a light skinned Japanese individual and someone from southern India or Africa basically, one can not get below a certain level of reflective, so all the extra melanin does not register any change in color. Malayans, Polynesians, Micronesians, and Melanesians. I was going to scan the map up, but I'm having some driver issues, so no go in that direction if someone wants to find the book and scan it up and put it on flickr I will link to it-it's on page In Charles de Brosses theorized that there was an 'old black race' in the Pacific who were conquered or defeated by the peoples of what is now called Polynesia , whom he distinguished as having lighter skin. On the other hand, there are no other visible signs of this ancestry. The Aborigines have dark skin. The reason, according to Birdsell, is that they exhibit very little pheomelanin in their hair.

Why do aborigines have blonde hair

Blonde hair is also found in many of the women as well. This Polynesian theory is somewhat contradicted by the findings of a genetic study published by Temple University in School children from the Solomon Islands. What I mean by this is that one doesn't get the impression of individuals with light brown or dark blonde shades as youth who become black haired as adults. Mechanisms aside, I think the cause of this phenomenon is rooted are archaic admixture. Though a very high frequency of tribal members exhibit preadult blondeness, there are almost no other European diagnostic phenotypes in evidence! On this weblog people have mentioned blondeness among Australian Aboriginals multiple times, and ultimately we really haven't gotten anywhere no one has brought up novel data because no one has any information to offer aside from what they read in C. History[ edit ] Early European explorers noted the physical differences among groups of Pacific Islanders. Continuity normalish distribution is a feature of polygenic traits, while discrete or binary tendencies are exhibited by classical mendellian traits. I couldn't find much information on the specific cause of the Aborigines' blonde hair. One could hypothesize of course that the initially low frequency attained via admixture spread through the population because of positive directional selection on the trait. I don't put too much stock in terms like "incomplete dominance," aside from that it is saying "hey, we don't know much about this gene. It would also have been nice if the work Don Mitchell was involved in had been mentioned. If it was a "recessive" trait the allele s must be close to fixed. Scientists are still debating on the cause of the blonde hair in Aborgines. Below, I will summarize most of Birdsell's data and analysis so that google will at least have this to crawl now. Likewise the idea that little Aboriginal kids with snot running from their noses and flies clustered around their eyes were selectively and secretly engaging in some kind of cultural practice using chemical agents they had no access to in order to lighten their hair on their heads and forearms was equally always self-evidently a non-starter. One hypothesis about Australian Aboriginal blondeness is that it is due to admixture with Europeans, in particular Dutch sailors who entered into undocumented liasons with native women prior to British colonization. Two of the researchers on the paper — Sean Myles and Nic Timpson — spent about a month going island to island, explaining their study in Solomon Islands pidgin , assembling subjects and gathering the samples, which numbered more than To review, there are two primary melanin pigments, dark eumelanin and red-gold pheomelanin. Ash blonde people are the reverse when it comes to pheomelanin, while golden blonde individuals tend to be somewhere in the middle. My own suspicion is that the Val60L variant of MC1R might be involved in the differentiation of these two different kinds of European blondes. Migrating from Southeast Asia, they appear to have occupied these islands as far east as the main islands in the Solomon Islands , including Makira and possibly the smaller islands farther to the east. The denisovans were so far only found much further north; I think when we get a better look at their genome we shall find they were similarly depigmented like neanderthals. Because the Aborigines kept their population isolated from others, the possibility of blonde hair being introduced into the race by Europeans can be ruled out.

Why do aborigines have blonde hair

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  1. There isn't much out there on the web. Also, the "darkening" is often to a brown color, rather than black.

  2. I mention this because I have vivid and unhappy memories of struggling with the spectrometer I had available — an balky device from the British company EEL.

  3. Mechanisms aside, I think the cause of this phenomenon is rooted are archaic admixture. He classified the peoples of Oceania into four racial groups:

  4. Not only do the combinations of eumelanin and pheomelanin dosage add "mixed" categories strawberry blonde, auburn to the triplet, the expression of these pigments is not an "on" or "off" matter as one would expect if one locus was at the heart of the process.

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