Why men disappear and reappear

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Share how you felt when it happened. The reason for this is because a secure person is so secure with themselves that an avoidant person's hot and cold behavior doesn't affect them as much as it would affect an anxious person who is very insecure within relationships. Can you trust and respect a person who disappeared without an explanation? This applies to excessive cases, in particular. If he behaves like this now, it will only get worse until you get the hint and stop coming around. What was the reason he gave for disappearing? But you have to consider whether or not you are willing to wait around for him to be ready to commit to you. It is hard, if not impossible, to generate chemistry if it is not there although it can take some time to develop and deepen. If you are seeking a serious relationship, then this guy is not right for you and it may be time to continue to search for Mr.

Why men disappear and reappear

Perhaps he says all the right things and you are willing to give it a try. Consider seeking a partner who is seeking the same type of relationship that you are. Listen to what he is really saying. You have a right to know what happened, you deserve to have an answer that is clear, honest and that fully satisfies your need to know. Maybe he realizes he made a mistake and truly wants to create a different experience this timeā€¦or maybe not. He may only be after "one thing". Communicate kindly and see what he has to say. Men who disappear and then reappear prove through their actions that they aren't reliable. These situations are full of mysteries. If the reason he gives you leaves you confused or uncertain, then you might re-evaluate whether you should continue spending time with him. He might not be ready. Maybe he is conflict avoidant and he does not want to hurt your feelings by being honest about the way he feels. Depending on the reasons for his behavior, be cautious to move too fast or expect a different outcome this time. If he is conflict avoidant and wants to spare himself an uncomfortable situation, he might flake out hoping that you get the hint. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. What kept him from communicating what was happening in his life? He used to call you everyday, text you throughout the day, he scheduled dates to see you regularly and now he disappeared. One step you can take to be proactive and find someone you are compatible with is to partake in social activities that relate to your interests, hobbies, and beliefs. If he is not interested, it is best to cut your losses and move on. Do you want to risk it again? Or, maybe you are already clear that this kind of treatment of you is just not okay with you. Assess your level of connection It may be tempting to take him back simply because it soothes your wounded ego to know he returned. Even in a short-term relationship, there should be some communication. No doubt it can leave a woman wounded and hesitant to keep her heart open when someone she cares about abruptly disappears without an explanation. What could make your partner disappear? In order for a relationship to last and be successful, both parties have to see each other as someone with whom they are compatible.

Why men disappear and reappear

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