Words to londonderry air

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Dancing starts at 8 o'clock and ends at Dance is from 7: Wearing of the Green Dance at 7pm. This program is free and open to the public. Beginners and singles are welcome and all dances are taught throughout the evening. Families and children welcome! You'll have a lot of fun, and by the end of the evening, without realizing it, you'll have learned a little history as well. Durham - University of New Hampshire: Please join the Enfield community for a fun, elegant summer evening of music and dance from the colonial period.

Words to londonderry air

For more information you may also call PHS at On this evening we invite families and individuals of all ages to come and enjoy a variety of dances and singing games. Dance at Cornish Town Hall from 7: Manchester - Community Music School: Bridgewater - Old Home Day Dance: If you are aware of any dances, dance series or other events that should be included on this list, please e-mail me. Give us a call at Newport - Opera House: Please contact gmcevents greenmountainclub. Hancock - Camp Backup Location: There's a Pepsi machine available but no water fountain so you might want to bring a bottle of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Period costuming is welcome, but not necessary. For more information, call Jenn at Bring snacks and sweets for the break. Dance at the Nelson Town Hall from 7: Wolfeboro - Town Hall Location: The setting is the Peterborough Historical Society's Bass Hall, a lovely chestnut-paneled room that serves as an elegant venue for the dance. Peterborough - Civil War Ball: The dance starts promptly at 7: Free but he might put out a donation box for some worthy cause. Left onto Elm Street. Festive food and beverages available! For tickets and information go to Enfield's Facebook page accessible to all, not just Facebook users for the th Anniversary Celebration. Wearing of the Green Dance at 7pm. Peterborough - Snow Ball:

Words to londonderry air

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  1. Peterborough - Duke Miller Dance: For more information call or email huntandallison gmail.

  2. You'll have a lot of fun, and by the end of the evening, without realizing it, you'll have learned a little history as well.

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